the incredible “Pedrosa effect” that launched the KTM riders

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Pedrosa arrives and KTM emerges, triumphing in Jerez. Just a case? Not exactly given the praise from Miller and Binder.

“Pedrosa effect” in Jerez – MotoriNews

Troops in Jerez KTM he has already scored his best Grand Prix ever since the brand arrived in MotoGP. It’s not a figure of speech but the confirmation comes with Friday’s sessions, plus today’s qualifying and Sprint. Brad Binder, Jack Miller and the tester/wild card Dani Pedrosa they made two simply spectacular days. Victory of the first, podium of the 2nd, 6th place of the third who hasn’t raced since 2018! It is not absurd to speak of a “Pedrosa effect” on the occasion of this Spanish GP.

KTM flies with three tips

The presence of Dani Pedrosa seems to have given one big push in addition to the official boys of the Austrian brand. The KTM test rider will never say it, but the facts speak for themselves: from his first time in Practice 1 there was a growth constant of the two official riders, namely Binder and Miller. The last test came right during the MotoGP Sprint: one perfect start and one pitched battle for the victory, something that KTM had not yet seen in its adventure in the premier class of the MotoGP! Let’s add that seeing a test driver, a former driver who since 2018 has only contested a single wild card in 2021, do 6th in a race that has never been held… What can I say except that talent cannot be bought. Dani Pedrosa, talent for a long time underrated and who, without physical misfortune, would have deserved more than a MotoGP title, is really taking his revenge. And from the protagonist duo who climbed on the podium come nothing but praise and thanks for what the KTM home test rider is doing.

Binder and Miller praise Pedrosa

Self Dani Pedrosa spoke of “great pride” when he saw Miller and Binder battling for the win, the duo from the Austrian marque was no different from the expert Spanish driver. “A test rider finishing 6th… He’s doing a crazy weekend commented an impressed and happy Jack Miller to at the end of the Sprint. He is no less the box mate and fresh winner of the mini-race on Saturday. “Dani Pedrosa and the test team performed a incredible job Brad Binder pointed out. There is still one race left, that of Sunday, but we can already talk about an incredible “Pedrosa effect“. First the tests carried out on the track, then the amazing result obtained on Saturday, in front of the KTM officials, who were therefore convinced they could do it. Watch out for tomorrow too!