Dani Pedrosa, it will be a great return to Jerez: the MotoGP awaits its little Samurai

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After KTM’s announcement, Dani Pedrosa himself confirmed it. The next wild card excites not only the fans, but also the MotoGP paddock.

Dani Pedrosa, what a challenge! – MotoriNews

A few days ago the team manager Francesco Guidotti had formalized the presence of Dani Pedrosa in the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix. A return for the first time since the appointment in Austria in 2021, so far his first and last participation since his retirement. The actual press release from KTM appeared later, but Pedrosa himself was expected to say so. The little Samurai did not wait long and commented on the news with a social video. Needless to say, former team or category mates, other members of the motorsport world and fans went wild. There is real emotion for Pedrosa’s return to action, for a long time too underestimated by the majority and only later reconsidered. What a challenge with the best of the current MotoGP!

Pedrosa’s message

The communication had already been released, but the KTM tester himself wanted to publish a social video to formalize the news. “You already know it: I’ll be doing a wild card at the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez” the Sabadell driver made his debut. “I’m really happy with this occasion with KTM.” Dani Pedrosa then explains the work to be done. “The main objective will be to learn more about sprint races and this new format, we hope to have a good experience.” But that’s not all: it’s run at home, right on the track that bears the curve with its name. “Jerez has a special atmosphere” in fact added Pedrosa. “I hope to meet many fans again. As well as sharing the track with the best! If you can’t make it to the circuit, follow us and I hope you have as much fun as I will.”

Waiting paddocks

Just look at the comments to understand the value of Dani Pedrosa within the world championship and in the world of engines in general. Former boxmate Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo clearly expressed their satisfaction through emojis. Efren Vazquez, KTM tester for the Moto3 category, hopes to be there to see him live. Livio Suppo, who worked on it with Pedrosa at Honda, wished him good fun. Even former Formula 1 Mark Webber for example commented with satisfaction, enduro rider Ivan Cervantes already sees him on the podium! But many others, riders or simple fans, who followed them closely. Not to mention the entire KTM team, delighted to have their luxury test rider back in action as well. It will certainly be a GP not to be missed.

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