his return moved everyone

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A royal reception in Jerez for Dani Pedrosa, a great little driver capable of still impressing and exciting.

Dani Pedrosa hero in Jerez – MotoriNews

We are not saying nonsense if we define it bluntly as the true hero of the MotoGP weekend in Jerez. His return, announced since the beginning of the year, first unleashed his irreducible and nostalgic fans, but in the end the crowd of followers has become truly incredible. Dani Pedrosa was the center of the MotoGP paddock: the chants in his honour, the applause, the demonstrations of affection they could not be counted since GP Thursday. A former rider since the end of 2018, Pedrosa was honored in every way, but he too didn’t make a show. He managed to to surprise even on the track, reciprocating the warmth of the public and his category mates.

Pedrosa power

Highly anticipated, highly observed, everyone pending to see what this great little driver can still do. The 37-year-old KTM test rider, wanted by the brand to support the factory Miller and Binder on this occasion, does not disappoint. Indeed the first twist he gives it right in Test 1, incredibly in command of the turn! It’s already the apotheosis, Dani Pedrosa leading a session for the first time since the 2018 Japanese GP. But the feat continues when you take direct Q2, 3rd out of 24 drivers! He didn’t end there, in qualifying Pedrosa obtained an already sensational 6th position on the grid, regretting also having lost the right moment to do even better. In his first Sprint then he doesn’t hold back, 6th and very close to Oliveira, from whom he also tries to take the placement by force. Audience in a frenzy, the peak is seen at the time of the parade of the riders in front of the fans. A single chorus all to himself, Dani Pedrosa, relieved in triumph by Miller.

“I’ll be crying soon!”

A reception from goose bumps, a continuous ovation. KTM, Binder and Miller in the first place have only had words of praise for him, but that’s not all. All the MotoGP riders underlined theincredible Pedrosa’s work and what he was managing to do. “I didn’t expect it, I don’t know what to say… I’ll cry soon!” Driver #26 said this during the parade, impressed by the crowd’s cry. He confirmed the inevitable emotion then also at the end of the GP. “One of the best weekends of my life! Thank you for your support, love and passion, unforgettable!” Times change, as does MotoGP, but it took a Dani Pedrosa to cause this impressive wave of passion. And many hope that he decides to give an encore at Misano, the other idea of ​​KTM…