How to put more petrol with the same money, the trick is very simple: it doesn’t take much

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There are several moves that can be made by motorists to limit their consumption of petrol. Even saving a few euros with each full tank of fuel can, in fact, make the difference at the end of the month. Italians are increasingly looking for valuable information to limit spending in this sense. But did you know that online there is often talk of a method that allows you to put more petrol in the tank for the same amount of banknotes placed in the machine? Will that be true? Let’s find out all the details about this story.

How to put more gas
How to put more petrol –

The cost of petrol generates more and more anxiety in Italians. If in the last months of last year, the situation had returned to being better, in this January 2023 the price of fuel per liter has once again skyrocketed. The first cause of this is due to the stop on the discount of excise duties on the price of petrol.

The Government has therefore chosen not to extend this emergency measure. It had become necessary after the outbreak of tension between Ukraine and Russia at the end of last February. Throughout last year, Italians benefited from the cut in excise duties, saving about 30 cents per liter on every tank of petrol.

The second cause of a worse situation with reference to fuel, on the other hand, concerns the effective rise in the price of oil. In recent weeks, in fact, petrol and diesel have returned to exceed the two euro threshold in served mode. An increasingly complicated situation for millions of Italians.

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There are many ways to save some fuel. They are mainly related to correct use of the car. For example, it will be important to travel at a speed that is not too high and with a driving style that is not too abrupt. Refueling at a distributor with the cheapest prices in the area could also be a solution. Several apps allow you to better monitor the situation.

However, there are also some methods that are circulating on the web, which would allow you to put in more petrol with the same outlay of money as you do today. But what’s true? Let’s find out all the details.

More gas in the tank for the same money: here’s everything you need to know about this method

On the web there are often legal and illegal tricks that indicate ways to save petrol. The illegal ones we advise, obviously, to NEVER take them into consideration. What we are showing you today, on the other hand, has nothing illegal about it. With the same amount of money you could fill up the car with more petrol. But is all that glitters gold? Let’s find out everything.

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Gasoline Trick
The trick to having more petrol in the tank: here’s what you need to know – Motori.News

Online the method regarding the possibility of having more petrol in the tank is often highlighted, in case you choose a certain time of day to refuel. In practice, refueling in the middle of the night or early in the morning would save you a lot of money. But is it really so?

From a physical point of view this is actually true, especially in the hot months of the year. In fact, with high temperatures the petrol would expand, while in the cooler hours there would be the opposite consequence. At night or early in the morning, therefore, the fuel would be denser and more would enter the tank for the same price.

The physical principle is – as mentioned – absolutely true. But will you really save money if you get up early at night? Unfortunately, things are not entirely like this. Indeed, the petrol is stored in underground tanks and the temperature is always constant in that area. Even the petrol dispensed by the special pump does not cause the petrol temperature to vary much.

Refueling – Motori.News

Regardless of whether there is the intense heat of the day or the coolness of the night, therefore, the variation in reference to the expansion of the petrol is quite negligible. There could be a small advantage, but we are talking about a few cents on each tank of petrol. Is it worth getting up and going out on purpose at night to save a little money? To you the choice!

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