“The Pilot is an Animal”

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Davide Tardozzi, Ducati team manager, talks about his role in the garage and reveals some very interesting background stories.

Ducati MotoGP garage (Ansa)
Ducati MotoGP garage – Motors.News

The Ducati garage conquered the Triple Crown in the 2022 season thanks to its top rider Pecco Bagnaia, capable of recovering 91 points on his direct rival Fabio Quartararo. The credit goes largely to those who knew how to set up a technically competitive bike like the Desmosedici GPbut the human factor should not be underestimated. In the Borgo Panigale team there are three central figures who coordinate each activity: Gigi Dall’Igna, general manager, Paolo Ciabatti, sporting director, and Davide Tardozzi, team manager.

The latter is certainly the most passionate character, both in moments of joy and difficulty. Above all, he has the task of managing human relations within the team, managing relations with the pilots, keeping them at bay in times of greatest stress, reprimanding them if necessary by finding the right words and ways. His job is to ensure that the Ducati team is well managed at an organizational level, planning the trips, but also ensuring a good atmosphere inside the garage among all the professionals, from the mechanics to the technicians, from the drivers to the insiders.

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The atmosphere in the Ducati box

Pecco Bagnaia (Ansa)
Pecco Bagnaia – Motors.News

Davide Tardozzi, a former rider, knows well what goes on in the mind of those who get on a motorbike. “The atmosphere in the team is essential because the driver is an animal. He smells what’s going on“, he explained to Speedweek.com. Every detail must be taken care of down to the smallest detail, especially the mood of those who work on the bike. “The environment puts the driver in a state of mind in which he wants to give back what he sees in those who work for him. This is one of my tasks as a team manager“.

The 64-year-old manager also has to play the role of ‘family man’ with the drivers,”I let him know that sometimes they have to do certain things, even if they don’t like doing it. I try to be a good family man because the team is like family to me“, continued Davide Tardozzi. Sometimes an iron fist is also needed. In some cases it is better to express a personal opinion and see how it is received, other times it is necessary to issue precise orders. “You can’t always leave everything in the hands of the pilots. They are the ones who have to make us win. But there are times when you have to be direct“.

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Even during the winter break it is important to act as a glue with all team members, work for team cohesion, spend free time with them. “I chat with them, I try to understand if they have problems. I’m interested in his family, hopefully…”, concluded the team manager of Ducati. Up to delving into their private life, “because problems at home can show up at work. For example, if someone needs help because their child or wife has a health problem, we use the contacts we have in Ducati. We interfere in private life in the sense of making life easier for mechanics and engineers“.