Never turn on the music in the car, you have no idea what you risk: the fine destroys you

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Do you believe? Even listening to music in your car can cost you a fine. Here are the rules to follow in order not to incur a fine

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Listen to the music in the car it is a sacred rite for many of us. Especially when we are facing a long journey, being accompanied by the notes of our favorite songs is one thing unfailing practice to make driving less tiring and make sure that the many kilometers to be covered are more pleasant for us.

Once the car stereo they were a luxury that few could afford, an option that could cost a lot of money. Today, however, it is practically impossible to find a car that does not give the possibility of listening to music: indeed, with i latest generation infotainment systems managed with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay it is also possible to connect well-loved services such as Spotify and have thousands of tracks and playlists available at any time.

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Maybe you didn’t know that though even listening to music in the car is a matter regulated by the Highway Code. Yes, even such an apparently harmless action must follow rules otherwise the risk is that of being imposed a fine which can be very high. Let’s see in which cases it can trigger.

Fines for listening to music in the car: that’s when they apply

What can be so discriminating about listening to music in the car that it even recalls the Highway Code? Yes, just what you think: the volume which, if too high, can be a danger to yourself and others.

Old car radio
Old car radio –

The point is that turning up the volume of the music or the radio in general too much can lead us to reduce the perception we have of everything else: and as we know, being aware of road noise can sometimes be essential to avoid even serious road accidents. For this reason, the Highway Code also regulates this issue in a precise manner.

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To be more precise, at the moment the noise or music volume emitted by our car radio exceed 60 decibels even ten kilometers away, here is the crime of harmful noise and therefore the punishment by law. And we are certainly not talking about “economic” fines.

If law enforcement officers should detect excessive noise coming from your car, the fine can reach figures that can easily exceed 300 euros, with a ceiling set at 309 euros. Naturally, the amount of the fine is then at the discretion of the person imposing the penalty and may be subject to various interpretations.

Latest generation infotainment system
Latest generation infotainment system –

What is certain, however, is that listening to music in the car at too high a volume is not permitted by law, especially if your car has a modified system designed specifically to make the sound even more powerful. Pay close attention.

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