Open and close the door three times, the mechanics trick: you save a lot

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Opening and closing the car door three times can especially help solve a problem that no one would ever suspect.

Open and close the door
Open and close the door – Motori.News

The trick comes in handy in the summer, when it’s hot and you can’t breathe inside the vehicle. Very few know this trick.

Those who have never tried it, strange as they may be, simply have to give it a try, after which they will never be able to do without it.

Car door open, here’s how and why it’s better to do it

The open car door trick allows you to consume less fuel by only turning on the air conditioning when strictly necessary and not at any random time.

Often in the summer you get into the car, turn on the engine of the vehicle and immediately start the air conditioning with the windows closed which traps the heat even more. There is nothing more wrong, because this involves dramatic consequences on the engine and on fuel.

The car that has been in the sun for several hours has reached excessively high temperatures, bringing them down is almost impossible even by turning on the air conditioning to the maximum.

The only thing to do is open the windows and doors, in particular, they must be opened and closed at least three times (each) to allow the hot air to escape quickly. Only when the temperature inside the car has dropped can you think of turning on the air conditioning, judging carefully based on the situation.

How much does air conditioning consume and why it is better to avoid it

Not many know it but the air conditioner in the car should only be turned on in certain situations, for example when traveling out of town at high speeds and not when traveling within the town.

The reason is simple and intuitive. When traveling outside the country and reaching high speeds such as 100km/h or even higher, it is better to close the windows, otherwise they will resist and The car consumes much more fuel than normal.

When traveling inside the town, on the other hand, the maximum speed that is reached is 50 km per hour, rather than consuming fuel unnecessarily by turning on the air conditioning, you simply have to open the windows which, at low speeds, do not cause resistance and still allow you to change the air inside the cabin.

Air conditioning, for the uninitiatedconsumes 20% more fuel, that’s why you have to evaluate the ignition, carefully, based on the situations and conditions.

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