Here’s why everyone should slip a panty liner in their car: nifty trick

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Inside cars you really find everything, from normal things to the most unthinkable ones which, however, can come in handy in many cases, situations and conditions.

Panty liners in the car
Panty liners in

For example there are those in the car he always has a sock with him, which can be useful for cleaning the windshield, for dusting hard-to-reach areas or simply for defogging the glass.

In this case, just wet it with hot water and leave it positioned on the dashboard and in a few minutes the windshield will be clean, shining, as never seen before.

That’s why some motorists hide these items in the car and what they are for

Then there are also those who keep it in the glove box even the wooden pegs we use to hang our clothes. These, for example, are used to perfume the passenger compartment every time the stove or air conditioning is turned on.

Using a pen and a sock instead you can clean the fins of the system air conditioning, from which bad smells often come out that you really have no idea how to fight.

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In short, what some would dare to call chaos is actually something more. Hangers, shoelaces, they can even save lives in extreme conditions for example when you forget your car key inside the vehicle and you have no idea how to open the door.

What is a panty liner stored in the car for?

As absurd as it may seem, even a panty liner in the car can come in handy. Let’s see how. This is cut in half, wetted with drops of scented essential oil, you can choose the fragrance that you prefer most according to your tastes.

Then after doing this, remove the adhesive from the panty liner and stick it either inside the glove box or under the seat, near the exchangein short, in inconspicuous points where he can act anonymously.

In this way the car will always be perfumed, without having to spend even a penny to buy perfumers of any kind. With a single panty liner cut in half, the car is always ready to welcome anyone who needs a ride without feeling in the least bit of difficulty or be afraid of making a bad impression.

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Then of course, to keep the vehicle always clean and perfumed, it is necessary avoid leaving food under the seats or on the flooror anything that could go bad and reduce the car to walking trash. The panty liner is an aidbut it certainly doesn’t work miracles.