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For all of us, air conditioning is essential both at home and in the car, in any season, because it allows you to move around peacefully and serenely despite the heat or the cold, even facing long journeys without too many problems.

Maximum air conditioning
Maximum air conditioning – Motori.News

As soon as temperatures rise, so does the risk of making mistakes which at first glance may seem trivial, but which are actually serious and can have completely unexpected consequences.

To avoid this, experts indicate some rules that we all should follow every time we turn on the air conditioning in the car. Some already know them but they do not respect them regardless of lack of interest.

Consumption of air conditioning in the car, if used incorrectly

The first thing to do is always evaluate whether it is really appropriate to turn on the air conditioning in the car or whether it is better to avoid using valid alternatives.

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In the summer, for example in the city, traveling at average speeds, a maximum of 50 km per hour just as indicated by the highway code, it would be advisable to avoid turning on the air conditioning and rather open the windows because 20% is consumed more fuel.

This is a very serious thing especially in this period, given that the cost of fuel is increased and has reached the stars.

Then, before turning on the air conditioner, the windows should be opened to ensure that the temperature drops naturally, avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption.


How to use the air conditioning in the car to avoid damaging the vehicle

Finally it is wrong too turn on the air conditioning to maximum, because in this way you do nothing but put the car under stress, given that the air conditioner absorbs five horses.

If you turn it on to the max on a 200 horsepower car, the difference is not noticed in the slightest, while on an 80 horsepower car you can see it. The drop in performance becomes noticeable, the vehicle can even stop going uphill or downhill directly while parking.

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To use the air conditioning well, it is advisable to start the engine of the car, open the windows to let the heat out, turn on the fan at minimum and then slowly increase without touching the maximum.

In any case, the best advice that can be given is to wait for the engine to warm up a bit so as not to give a decisive jerk, which can be problematic at the moment as well as over time.

Even those who do not use the air conditioning in the car occasionally should turn it on both in summer and in winter for at least 10 seconds to make sure that the system works well and is not damaged.