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The Highway Code is constantly evolving and it is not easy to always keep up with the times. Despite this, every motorist is required to know the rules in order not to incur heavy fines and not to be a real danger to all other road users. Among the many things prohibited while driving, one detail could escape many. It pertains to the use of headphones and earphones. When is it forbidden to use such items behind the wheel? And when, on the other hand, will it be possible to do so? Here’s everything you need to know. If you’re not careful, you risk an exemplary fine.

660 euro fine
660 euro fine – Motori.News

When driving a car on a public road, one thing that should never be underestimated is the attention to be paid to every aspect. In fact, those who get behind the wheel must always have the maximum degree of attention towards everything around them. Therefore, we must always be lucid and able to be ready for any unexpected event that may arise in front of us.

There are, therefore, rules and road signs to be respected, limits not to be exceeded and many other aspects inherent in the obligation to never be a danger to ourselves and to others. Among these, there is also the absolute ban on holding your phone in your hand and using it while driving.

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The advent of smartphones it has revolutionized our lives. Every day, in fact, on our mobile phones we can call or send messages to people dear to us, work colleagues and anyone else who needs or wants to hear from us. But not only. In fact, on our phone screen we are captured by many other inputs, news and updates.

Our always being constantly ready to receive and provide input leads us to never detach from our smartphone. However, as everyone knows, when you get behind the wheel of a car, doing this is strictly prohibited by the Highway Code.

Anyone who should be “caught” with a smartphone in hand while driving a car risks very severe penalties. But what is there to know about the possible use of headphones and earphones? Here are all the details to never have any problems of any kind.

Here’s what you should NEVER do while driving: what to know about using headphones and earphones?

When driving your own car, the advice we never tire of giving is to forget our cell phone for a while. If, however, we just can’t help but make or receive calls, then there are some solutions allowed by the Highway Code. They predict the use of some specific headphones. Often times, however, even the wrong use of these devices can lead to a very high fine. Let’s analyze the correct way to use these elements and what you should NEVER do.

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Guide earphones
Using earphones while driving – Motori.News

Being distracted from using the smartphone can lead to several road accidents, endangering everyone’s safety. For this reason, the Highway Code severely punishes anyone who does not respect this aspect. As mentioned, however, earphones can be of great help to the driver of a vehicle.

Let’s start by saying how too the use of earphones is not allowed in all cases. For example, it is forbidden to get behind the wheel with real integral sound headphones. In fact, this device would distract us from external noise, isolating us and therefore being a danger to road safety.

The same thing goes for earphones. Indeed, inserting these elements in both ears is not allowed. It will be possible to talk on the phone by placing a single earpiece in either the right or left ear. This way, the user will also be able to pay attention to sounds coming from outside.

Smartphone while driving
Hefty fine if you use your smartphone in the car. The same thing happens if you use earphones the wrong way – Motori.News

Anyone who should be caught out, using sound headphones or earphones that isolate from external sounds, risks suffering heavy fines of up to 660 euros. In addition, up to five points on the driving license could also be deducted. NEVER underestimate this aspect. Road safety is paramount and you are required to respect it at all times.

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