Highway Code, it is forbidden to take children under 5 years old: €660 fine

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The Highway Code imposes rules on all the “inhabitants” of the street. Often, however, not everyone is aware of every aspect of the road law. The risk, therefore, is that of jeopardizing everyone’s safety and receiving very heavy fines. Did you know that in some specific cases it is not allowed to bring a child under the age of five with us? What are we referring to? Here are all the details on a matter not always known to everyone.

Traffic Laws
Highway Code – Motori.News

To better regulate the circulation of cars, motorcycles, cyclists, pedestrians and other categories, there is the Traffic Laws. It is nothing but a set of laws and rules. Anyone is required to comply with them in order not to run into problems of any kind, both related to safety and to the strictly economic aspect.

Obeying road signs, speed limits and many other aspects should be simple common sense and deep respect for others. However, not everyone has this conscience and they endanger the safety of other road users every day.

Everyone, driving a motorized vehicle or on foot, is required not to be an obstacle and a danger to general safety. Sometimes, however, it may happen that you are not perfectly aware of any rule in the Highway Code. Other times, however, a simple inattention can cost you dearly.

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In this article we will talk about a detail not really known to everyone. It concerns the prohibition of bringing too young children on board in a certain and specific situation. What are we referring to? Here’s everything there is, to know about this story not too well known.

No boarding for children: this is the rule not known to everyone

The object of our article concerns the rules to be respected in the presence of very young children. However, they do not refer to the children in the car. In fact, we are talking about use of the motorbike and the need to bring children on board. There are precise rules that must always be respected. Let’s see what the Highway Code provides in this regard. You will be very surprised.

Children on board
Children on board: here is the ban – Motori.News

Carrying the motorbike provides for limitations regarding the transport of passengers on board, especially if the motorbike should not be approved for this aspect. If the conditions of it, in fact, do not provide for the transport of other people, it can be met fines of up to 332 euros and the subtraction of a point on the licence.

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If the vehicle is approved for two, then it will be possible to transport another person, provided that the driver is 16 years old. In fact, the law states that from the age of 14 up to the age of 16 you can only go alone on your moped. The risk, in fact, for the boy is that of receiving the administrative detention of the vehicle for two to three months.

In no case, however, is it possible to carry a child under the age of five. No dad, therefore, will be able to do this, but will have to wait for his child to reach that age.

Children's motorcycle transport
Transporting children on your own motorbike: here’s what you are not allowed to do – Motori.News

Article 170 of the Highway Code, in fact, it forbids the carrying on board of motorcycles of children under the age of five. Here is what paragraph 1-bis of the article in question provides: “The transport of minors under the age of 5 is prohibited on motorcycles and mopeds”.

Anyone caught carrying a child under the age of 5 on a motorbike risks suffering a heavy administrative fine. It can go from a minimum of 165 up to a maximum of 660 euros, depending on the seriousness of the offense and the place where the offense was committed.

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