Auto tax, the only trick not to pay it is this: everything is legal

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Bollo Auto: here’s how not to pay the much-hated motorist tax. It’s all legal.

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One of the most hated taxes by Italian taxpayers is the Car tax, the local tax provided by the Tax Administration for those who own a car. The car tax must be paid annually even by those who keep their vehicles parked in the garage. Therefore, whether you use the car or not, it is always necessary to pay the stamp duty. Certain Regions provide concessions for vehicle owners: let’s find out how it is possible not to pay it legally.

Car tax: advantages for hybrid and electric car manufacturers

Over the last few years, car manufacturers have proposed interesting solutions to combat air pollution. The hybrid and electric cars have started to be marketed and are enjoying great success. The Regions themselves have taken the field to propose interesting incentives and concessions aimed at encouraging motorists to buy these cars. These are regional incentives that give motorists the possibility of benefiting from the reduction or the car tax. The regulation on car tax favors new and ecological cars, while discouraging more polluting cars.

The Regions have full autonomy in choosing the % of tax reduction or the total tax exemption. The Campania Region recognizes the possibility of benefiting from total exemption from car tax for the first three years. The Marches allow you to benefit from the exemption from car tax for hybrid cars in the first six years. Lombardy recognizes a 50% discount on the total amount for the first 5 years, Piedmont recognizes a 5-year exemption, but for cars with internal combustion engine power not exceeding 100 kW.

The Sicily Region allows motorists to benefit from the exemption for hybrid cars for the first three years. Liguria allows you to benefit from the 5-year exemption for low environmental impact vehicles. In short, each Region has different concessions and exemptions. For this, it is advisable to check the institutional website of the reference region.

Car tax: what are the cases of exemption?

The payment of the stamp car is not mandatory for all vehicle owners. Are provided exceptions that you need to know. The exemption is recognized and addressed to all who are disabled holders of Law 104, to individuals who are affected by mental and psychic handicaps. The following are considered disabled: the deaf, the blind, the mentally handicapped, the disabled with limited walking ability and the disabled with reduced motor skills.

Verify the Car Tax: here is the site to check the payment

The car tax payment it can be verified in person, at the automobile agencies or ACI offices, or by accessing the ACI website.