Velobox, watch out for the new devices on the street: fines will double soon

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The distribution throughout Italy of Veloboxes, terrible devices for electronic speed control, begins: very high fines

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The fight against excess speed by municipalities throughout Italy continues with the arrival of Velobox. These devices are already widespread on the streets of many cities and towns and you can easily recognize them because we are talking about famous orange columns of which it is never clear whether they are in operation or not.

The goal, at least in theory, is the educational one to push users to respect the speed limits and thus reduce the risk of accidents which are always much more on our roads, especially with tragic outcomes. It is true that sometimes these devices are used a little incorrectly in order to make money, for this reason it is good to find out about all the rules that concern them.

Veloboxes, as well as any electronic speed detection device, must be timely signaled by appropriate signs placed at least 150 meters before their position and the same device must be further marked indicating with precision that it is a device designed for speed control.

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We must not forget that in many cases what appear to be speed cameras are actually devices designed for other purposesperhaps to monitor access or unauthorized access by a certain type of vehicle on some roads.

Veloboxes limited to 50
Veloboxes with a limit of 50 –

However, it happens that if not adequately signaled, many risk braking thinking they are faced with a speed camera: for this reason the device must always be accompanied by a sign explaining its function.

New veloboxes: how they work and how much are the fines

So let’s go back to our “nice” veloboxes. Their operation is really simple: they are equipped with sensors capable of detecting the speed of the machines in passing by carrying out an immediate check with the limit imposed by the Municipality. It is usually at 30 or 50 kilometers per hour on urban roads, but it can also reach 70 or even 90 on provincial or non-urban roads in general.

If it is determined that the limit has been exceeded, the internal camera takes a picture of the vehicle with the license plate clearly highlighted which is forwarded directly to the local police command center for the preparation of the report which, within 90 days, must be notified to the residence or domicile of the vehicle owner: under penalty of total cancellation.

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Veloboxes can be anywhere
Veloboxes can be anywhere –

We remember that the amount of the fine varies depending on how much you have exceeded the limit. Up to a maximum of 10 km/h, also considering the “tolerance” of 5 km/h, the fine starts from 42 and can go up to 173 euros. From 10 to 40 km/h it goes from 173 to 694 euros.

From 40 to 60 km/h above the limit we are already talking about figures from 543 to 2170 euros plus the suspension of the license from 1 to 3 months. Finally, the most serious case: over 60 km/h above the limit the fines range from 845 euros up to 3382 euros, with license suspension from 6 to 12 months. To all this we must add the reduction of 5 points on the license in the case of the second case, 10 points in the third case and more than 10 points in the case of going over 60 km/h with respect to the limit.

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