Other than car wash, throw a handful on the car seat: goodbye dirty

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After buying a car and spending a lot of money, finding stained upholstery is one of the worst things that can happen.

Enough 1 tbsp
Just 1 spoon – Motori.News

But don’t worry, there are some inexpensive remedieswhich can be implemented directly at home to solve the problem in no time without spending a single cent.

Nobody knows them, but they are real life savers.

Stains on the upholstery, from now on it’s no longer a tragedy

It happens to drink coffee in the car, as well as eat ice cream, have breakfast, lunch, dinner inside the vehicle, especially if you work outside the city and for this you are forced to travel for several hours.

Anyone with children knows very well what they are talking about. Once you get out of the vehicle you realize that the upholstery is stained, that’s where the real tragedy begins. Obviously finding stained seats is quite annoying for anyone, but don’t panic because there are solutions that doand even manage to eliminate stains more stubborn without too much stress and problems.

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How to remove stains from car upholstery

Removing halos and stains from car upholstery or from the child’s seat has never been easier. Just follow some quick and practical advice to make the seats look like new again.

You need hot or warm water, microfibre cloths and a vacuum cleaner. You pass the vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface. Then, you mix the cup of baking soda with water, it forms a thick paste that you spread on the seats.

Once done, circular movements are performed directly on the stains using the soft microfiber cloth and then rinsed. And that’s it, stubborn stains will be go away completely without leaving any trace.

As for coffee stains, these can be removed using readily available natural products. Combine the soda crystals with black soap, take a sponge and a basin of water and then a towel and a spatula.

The products are applied directly on the stain, carefully rubbed with the spatula, then with water and a cloth you go to remove the dirt and the product, the seats will be perfect.

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If, on the other hand, we are talking about leather seats, the question becomes more difficult and more delicate because the material does not like water, so in this case you can use either linseed oil, which nourishes the skin and expels the stains at the same time, or you can ask a professional who will certainly know how to solve the problem. Obviously the inconvenience in this case will be expensive.