Stained upholstery, with this ingredient it becomes new again in the blink of an eye

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The upholstery of the car, whether it is leather, fabric or vinyl, absorbs all types of stains, which is why all cars require constant maintenance.

Stained upholstery
Stained upholstery – Motori.News

Generally, for cleaning the upholstery, we rely directly on cleaning professionals, but in order not to spend too much, it is good to find out which products can be used to solve any problem, at any time in just a few seconds and in a practical, effective and fast way.

Knowing the tricks of the trade means having all the tools in hand to clean the vehicle 100%, without needing anyone.

The tricks that allow you to keep your car clean

Discovering these tricks can be a lifesaver especially for those with children who often eat in the car, or for those who, for reasons of work or for any other reason, are condemned to travel every day, even for several hours a day and have lunch or dinner behind the wheel.

To keep the seats clean first of all you need to vacuum as many times as possible, a quick wipe at least once a week is more than useful because it eliminates residues of any kind, crumbs included which focus on the seams.

Then just use the products that we all have at home that allow you not spend extra money unnecessarilyto buy professional products which, however miraculous they may be, have a decidedly high cost.

How to remove stains from car upholstery in a practical, simple and fast way

We already have home remedies at home, these are liquid soap and baking soda which are suitable for cleaning any type of covering, both leather and fabric upholstery and so on.

So you pour liquid soap and baking soda into a bowl, together they work to their full potential: they refresh the upholstery, eliminate grease stains from the upholstery, including bad smells, germs and bacteria.

After mixing them, hot water is added, then the bristles are slightly moistened with a brush and the entire upholstery is carefully scrubbed. In this way, dirt of any kind is removed stains even the most difficult and stubborn ones.

Once finished, you absolutely cannot think that the car is clean, because the mats are still missing, which must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and then you can always rub them well using the compound previously explained. And that’s it, the car is like new again, clean and fragrant.