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Gas station attendants are making a fortune these days, even if not all of them. The dishonest ones, for example, are managing to pocket a lot of money, implementing tricks to deceive customers and make them pay more than they should.

gas stations
Gas stations

This is what has been happening for months, in a supply located in Latina Scalo, where the Guardia di Finanza just put the seals on a few days ago.

The supply in question is located in via del Murillo and it is a Q8 Easy petrol station, where it was acquired a substantial difference between the petrol that was dispensed and marked at the column and the cost paid by users.

Gas station attendant defrauds motorists, this is what the Guardia di Finanza has discovered

In short, at this gas station, motorists and motorcyclists paid much more money than the fuel they managed to get put into the tank of your vehicles. Someone didn’t notice it, someone else did, so much so that they made complaints and complaints to the police.

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Following checks by the financiers, the seizure of the entire plant was triggered, while the gas station attendant and the company were entered in the register of suspects. According to the agents dealing with the case, the column was most likely rigged to earn double or triple the corresponding figures.

Everything was tested to take advantage of a period that was certainly not serene for the Italians, quite the opposite indeed. For a year or moreand, petrol stations have become the worst nightmare of all motorists in the world who try to use their vehicles as little as possible to travel both for work and for study to save petrol.


The illegal tricks of Italian motorists

In fact, many choose to use public transport rather than using private cars and motorbikes, consuming fuel unnecessarily. Someone else in order to save money but at the same time not give up freedom and independence chooses to implement illegal tricks, scamming gas station attendants as best they can.

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Some busy users to scam gas stations he was also caught by the police, forced to pay very serious consequences not only at an economic level. For example, some users have implemented incredible strategies to steal petrol from pumps at night, despite video surveillance systems.

This condition that affects both parties, shows that the population has reached a point of no return very worrying.