The electric car convinces: 97% of users want to repeat

The electric car convinces: 97% of users want to repeat

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A survey conducted by Electromaps indicates that EV drivers are extremely satisfied with their choice, with almost 97% of surveyed users saying they would buy an EV again in the future.

Electric mobility is becoming an increasingly attractive option for drivers around the world, and Spain is no exception.

according to a recent study of electromaps97% of pure electric vehicle drivers in Spain are so satisfied with their decision that they would buy an electric vehicle again in the future.

The survey was carried out between December 2022 and January 2023 to users of the Electromaps application, and the sample consisted of 1238 people that use pure electric vehicles. The study also provides valuable information on the profile of electric vehicle drivers and their usage habits.

The profile of the driver of a 100% electric vehicle in Spain

The study shows that the user of the electric vehicle is mostly male (87.2%), of about 40-65 years (77.5%). The average age of the driver of an electric vehicle in Spain is 51 years for men and 48.4 years for women.

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The majority of electric vehicle drivers in Spain work for someone else (34.0%), middle managers with subordinates in charge (20.9%), or are retired or retired (14.5%).

The place of residence of the driver of the electric vehicle is mainly in Catalonia (31.8%)followed by the Community of Madrid (18.2%), Andalusia (9.1%), the Basque Country (4.8%) and Castilla y León (4.6%).

The provinces with the highest number of pure electric vehicle drivers who have responded to this survey are Barcelona (22.4%), Madrid (18.2%), Gerona (4.5%), Zaragoza (3.7%) and Alicante (3.6%).

Users of electric cars value savings and respect for the environment above all else.

The use of electric vehicles by Spanish drivers

The study carried out by Electromaps also reveals that, in addition to the electric vehicle, the majority of drivers they also drive diesel vehicles (16.5%)gasoline (11.0%), plug-in hybrids (2.4%) and other hybrids (2.5%).

In addition, the majority of electric vehicle drivers in Spain drive their own electric vehicle (90.7%)and in the remaining cases, they are company vehicles.

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As for the rest of the people who use the vehicle, they are usually couples (77.6%) and, to a lesser extent, children (16.6%). There are also cases of parents (2.3%), other adults in the home (2.3%), other adults outside the home (0.7%) or siblings (0.5%).

Reasons to choose electric vehicles

The main reasons of those surveyed for the use of the electric vehicle are the savings in fuel and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the vehicle (72.9%), respect for the environment (70.1%), the general experience offered by driving (48.1%), innovation and novelty (35.5%). However, only 27% was influenced by public aid for the purchase of this type of vehicle.

The survey carried out by Electromaps also reveals that the vehicles most driven by electric vehicle users are the bought instead of rented or leasedwith 91.4% of respondents stating that they have purchased their vehicle.

Furthermore, the vast majority of electric vehicles are first handindicating that the purchase of electric vehicles is a long-term investment.

Among the brands of electric vehicles most chosen by users are Tesla, KIA, Volkswagen, Renault and Hyundai, and the most driven models are Tesla Model 3, KIA e-Niro, Hyundai Kona, Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf. These models are popular with EV drivers due to their energy efficiency, fast charging capabilities, and the range they offer.

The survey also reveals that electric vehicle drivers have a Positive attitude towards technology and innovation.making them an attractive demographic for companies looking to innovate in the automotive sector.

In addition, drivers of electric vehicles also rate the overall driving experienceindicating that electric vehicles offer a satisfying driving experience.

Only 3.4% of the electric car users surveyed would opt for a thermal or hybrid vehicle in the future.

Another important advantage that electric vehicle drivers value is the savings in fuel and maintenance throughout the life cycle of the vehicle. Electric vehicles are more efficient in terms of energy consumption than internal combustion vehicles, which translates into a significant reduction in fuel costs.

In addition, electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than internal combustion vehicles, which translates into a lower maintenance and repair costs.

The survey also indicates that the Respect for the enviroment it is one of the main reasons why electric vehicle drivers choose this mobility option. Electric vehicles do not emit exhaust gases and do not produce noise pollution, which makes them an attractive option for people who want to reduce their environmental impact.

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