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Anyone today tries to save petrol as much as possible because going to the petrol station involves an incredibly high expense that not everyone can afford to bear.

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Many people due to the crisis they have decided to set aside their means perhaps paying taxes anyway but reducing their use to the minimum necessary so as not to spend too much on fuel.

For example, those who commute to a different city each day are making every effort to get around using public transport. Same with college students because they realized that with some sacrifices plus you can save a lot of money.

The increase in petrol and diesel puts millions of Italians in difficulty

The historical period we are experiencing puts fuel saving at the center of everything, which has now become a necessity due to the price increase completely oversized that forces everyone to get smart.

Gasoline and diesel, despite the cuts on excise duties that had been established by the government prior to the Meloni government, have returned to around 2 euros per liter again. In fact, they could even increase in the next few weeks. For this reason the State has thought of a series of bonuses to buy fuel by spending less out of pocket.

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In any case, you need to know that in reality there are tricks that allow you to save significantly, you just need to be smart and apply them. Then the rest comes by itself.

Here’s how to save money by getting petrol when needed and using the car without too much inconvenience

The first thing to do is to compare the prices and types of fuel and services offered by petrol stations. Few know it but the cost of petrol varies according to the areas and beyond. On the highway for example sometimes the price is higher other times lower than on normal roads.

Then, strange as it may seem, in some cases it is better to refuel early in the morning, because the ambient and ground temperatures are much lower. As a result, the fuel is stored undergroundit’s less dense so more comes out and you pay less.

Everyone does it, yet using the pump gun at maximum power is not convenient because it involves a much increased expense. It is best if the fuel is delivered slowly, because this way it creates much less vapor and goes directly into the tank in liquid form.

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Another rule to keep in mind is: never wait to refuel and leave the tank in reserve. If it drops below half, the volume of gasoline is less than the volume of air, so it evaporates faster.

In conclusion, it is better not to refuel when the tanks are filled by trucks because the fuel is mixed and residues rise to the surface which can damage the machine.