Car insurance, if you apply they will give you back the money spent in 2020

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Car insurance, like road tax, is one of the taxes most hated by Italian motorists because it requires a major expense, to be faced once or twice a year for hundreds and hundreds of euros.

Car Insurance
Car insurance –

Every year, especially now following the crisis we’ve been experiencing for a long time, insurance as well as all other taxes, it has undergone significant increases.

For this reason, many motorists prefer to keep their cars stationary and move on public transport to spend much less, despite know that they are unreliable and not very convenient.

Unfortunately, not everyone can do without private vehicles, those who are forced to travel several times a day for work or simply to go to school know something about it. Although car insurance costs a lot, in these cases it is difficult to do without it.

Car insurance, here’s what happened during the lockdown

But be careful because today there is a real possibility that insurance dating back to period of the covid, are reimbursed. On the other hand, at that time Italy was completely blocked due to the lockdown, as a result motorists could not go out and use the cars on which, however, taxes continued to be paid.

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On the other hand, the insurance companies have saved over three billion euros, making two very quick calculations, the savings for each insurance was around €70, considerable figures which consequently have led motorists who have paid the various policies to request reimbursement.

The decision of the Italian government

For this reason the government is trying to find a method that allows it to partially compensate citizens who during the covid period paid one or more insurance companies without using the vehicles, therefore in a completely unfair way.

Some insurance companies allow the suspension of the policy for which some of the users requested the suspension and then proceeded to restart the insurance in due time.

While another small part did not enjoy this very possibility because not all companies foresee it. Those who believe they have been victims of injustice have been complaining for months until this decision was reached by the government.

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The Italian state will do everything to start the reimbursement of the insurance companies that remained open during the lockdown. The possibility of this happening is concrete, so now all that remains is to wait for news and updates on the matter.