Cloth trick, goodbye scratches in 1 second: goodbye body shop

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New car and scratches or damage to the bodywork is a must. One cannot fail to talk about it simply because anyone at least once in their life has found themselves in this situation and knows how annoying it is.

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It happens, however careful you may try, to slam into a door especially in narrow parking lots. It can also be after parking near the wall or downhill.

You open the door, you don’t hold it well, it gets out of hand and here is the damage. The scratches in the bodywork unfortunately they never fail.

Scratches on cars are the worst thing that can happen, but beware there are foolproof, super cheap remedies

Regardless of the cause of the scratches, you should always know that there are certainly cheap, comfortable and practical solutions that allow you to get your hair back vehicle shining like never before. These methods are especially useful in the presence of an already damaged new car that causes sadness, frustration and disappointment.

The only consolation is to think that we use them every day several times a day so as long as the damage is small, it’s almost right that there is. The important thing is to have always in your hands the best solution.

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How to use the cloth to remove scratches properly

Whether the scratch was made as a result of a personal error or the result of the bad deed of a young hooligan, absolutely get scared or even panic.

In most cases, you don’t even have to contact the body shop because with a simple, inexpensive cloth, the problem can be said to be solved.

The cloth in question is able to repair scratches. It is not absolutely miraculous but it can give absolutely satisfactory results.

Therefore it must be premised that if the damage to the bodywork is massive and therefore not minor, there is no other way than to ask for help from those competence also because acting personally can only cause greater damage.

The cloth can only be used in the presence of small surface scratches but let’s see how to use it to obtain good results. The cloth we are talking about is the Nano Sparkle, which makes the quick and easy repair. It costs very few euros

This cloth costs a few euros and it can be purchased in all specialized shops as well as online. It has a special technology that allows it to remove scratches in one pass. There is a fine metallic powder in the cloth which acts directly on the scratches.

The first thing to do is clean and wash the affected area thoroughly to get rid of the dirt. Immediately afterwards it dries well. Then you take the cloth and rub it on the scratched area, at least a dozen times. You clean the area once more and wait for about 30 minutes. The scratch at this point it will no longer exist.