Scratches on the windshield, just spread 1 drop and they will disappear in seconds

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Perfect visibility while driving is a fundamental element in guaranteeing maximum safety for yourself and for others. In fact, a dirty or scratched windshield can actually compromise the correct view when you are behind the wheel of your motorized vehicle. Glass can get dirty or scratched completely involuntarily and unexpectedly. To avoid such problems, prevention and maintenance are important aspects. How to remove small scratches on the windshield? Here is the practical and economic solution to improve the situation.

Scratches on the windshield
Scratches on the windshield

The windshield and rear window of your car must always be perfectly functional and free from dirt, stains, dust and scratches. Optimum visibility is the perfect solution to not endanger anyone on the road. In fact, when driving a vehicle, you must always pay attention to everything and visibility as free from obstacles as possible can be a fundamental factor.

The windshield can become dirty or scratched for various reasons. One of them is, without a doubt, related to correct operation of the wipers and its blades. On average, the brushes of these elements will have to be replaced every 8-12, based on actual use. In fact, they can wear out and no longer fulfill their “duty”.

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If you notice strange noises or annoying streaks left by the wipers with each pass, it will be time to proceed with the replacement. In some cases, Worn windshield wipers can also cause minor scratches on the front or rear glass of your car.

The windshield may also scratch slightly if hail or snow has fallen. In the first case, we do not struggle to understand why. In the second case, however, to help remove the frozen snow, one could use a scraper. If you don’t pay too much attention, it can happen that this device scratches the glass.

However, there is a quick, practical and economical solution to eliminate small scratches on the windshield, thus making it shine again. Which? Let’s go find out.

Want to get rid of small scratches on your windshield? Here’s the amazing way to fix it all

If you notice small scratches on your windshield, don’t panic. Indeed, there is a very safe and reliable method to remove these nicks. To do this, you will need to use a very common ingredient, present in all baths. We are talking about normal toothpaste. How does this product solve this problem? Let’s find out everything in detail.

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Windshield toothpaste
Use toothpaste on the windshield to remove minor scratches. Here’s everything you need to know about it – Motori.News

As obvious as it is, no miracles are promised. The scratches must be really small and superficial. For deep scratches or real cracks, the only feasible solution is to repair or replace the windshield. To do this, you will have to go to specialized centers.

However, if the scratch is only superficial, then toothpaste will be of great help. First, however, it will be necessary deeply clean all the glass, in such a way as to effectively remove all dirt, grease, dust and stains. You will need to use a microfiber cloth and a special cleaner. If you don’t want to spend the money, you can create a solution with warm water and white vinegar.

After cleaning and drying the windshield well, you can spread a small amount of toothpaste on another microfibre cloth. Place it on the scratched area and start rubbing gently. We recommend using the cloth by making small circular movements.

For best results, you should use a white toothpaste without gel and, if possible, mix it with a few grams of baking soda.

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Windshield scratches
Scratches on the windshield – Motori.News

After a few minutes of waiting, you will see that this method has taken effect. In case you are still not satisfied, then you can repeat the operations described above. In some cases, indeed, two or more applications of the toothpaste on the lightly scratched area of ​​the glass will be necessary.