Cameras installed everywhere, a €333 fine if you get caught: that’s how they are

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The new cameras installed everywhere are able to “capture” various infractions: here’s what you risk and how much the fines amount to

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The improvement of technologies has led municipalities and the police force to adopt them for the purpose of carry out more and more accurate checks on Italian roads. It is no coincidence that there has been a real growth in recent times camera installations for video surveillance called precisely to evaluate the behavior of motorists on the road.

The watchful eye of the cameras focuses particularly not only on any excess speedbut especially on theaccess authorized or not in some streets. We are talking, for example, of the ZTL, the Limited Traffic Zones, but also of particular routes to which access is forbidden to certain types of vehicles, such as heavy vehicles over 3.5 tons.

In short, whatever the purpose is clear that the increasingly massive and frequent installation of cameras it must lead you to pay more attention when you are in the car, making sure you do not commit infractions that could cost you dearly.

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Traffic control cameras: watch out for fines

Fines resulting from a camera control system can easily reach and exceed the ceiling of 300 euros. We are talking about a rather sophisticated verification mechanism and, unfortunately for those who commit the infringement, terribly effective too.

ZTL cameras
ZTL cameras –

Especially if you consider that the latest new generation cameras are equipped with much higher quality of shooting that in the past and are capable of distinguishing and reading the license plates of passing cars even in conditions of very poor visibility, whether due to thick fog or heavy rain.

The cameras can be installed anywhere: on the provincial roads, on the motorway, but also and perhaps above all in the city. A great example in recent times is our capital, Rome, where the municipality has implemented a blanket installation of cameras called to monitor practically everything.

Fast track cameras
Fast lane cameras –

In particular, the areas on which we have focused the most concern precisely the accesses to the ZTL and other roads which can only be accessed with a regular permit. Also pay attention to the preferential lanes that have been set up only for public transport and of course to the inevitable excesses of speed.

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The fines, as mentioned, they can start from 80 euros and go up to a ceiling of 333 euros. The cameras are active 24 hours a day, unless otherwise indicated by a special road sign or light. Attention behind the wheel must therefore be constantly active.