Car tyres, because you never have to change all 4 together: crazy

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Car tires are elements that must always comply with the law in order to be able to circulate without any problems on the road. In addition to the safety risk, in fact, tires that do not meet certain standards and parameters make you risk incurring heavy fines. But in some cases, did you know that you can’t change all four tires completely? What are we referring to? Here’s everything you need to know about this commonly used topic.

Car tires
Car tires –

Every motorist will always have to pay attention to every detail when he gets behind the wheel of his car. Indeed, those who circulate on the road with non-compliant tyres, worn or with a thickness lower than that required by law, risk incurring heavy administrative fines.

In fact, the depth of the grooves must be at least 1.6 millimeters over the entire surface of the tyre. Anyone who should be “caught” circulating with a tire that does not comply with the law, in fact, risks having to pay one fine between 87 and 344 euros. Furthermore, it could be added the reduction of up to two points on the driving license.

In addition to these technical aspects, it is important to be aware of the rules in reference to summer and winter tyres. In fact, every period of the year obliges the user to fit the right tires for their car.

By November 15 of each year, in fact, it will be necessary to mount winter tires or approved all-season tyres. Alternatively, each person must have snow chains in their boot. The advice we give, however, is to always mount the right tires, so as not to have problems in any weather condition.

Conversely, by April 15 of each year, the law requires motorists to fit summer tires or those for the four seasons. Much will depend on the degree of use of the car and the advice that your trusted mechanics will be able to give you.

Anyone who fails to comply, pays the same pecuniary penalty included in the bracket set out above, with reference to the limit thickness of the notches. But when can you not make the complete change of all four tires? Here are the details.

Car tire change: here is the detail that should never be underestimated. Let’s find out the method

The seasonal tire change is mandatory, as mentioned earlier. On the other hand, having to change all four tires together in reference to their actual wear is not. In fact, some tires can wear out more than others, with the same number of kilometers travelled. What is there to know about it? How to move to never have problems? Here is the method that will amaze you.

Car change tyres
Tire change: here’s everything you need to know to never have any problems – Motori.News

We have also already said that the minimum thickness limit of the notches must be 1.6mm. Driving with tires that are not in compliance in this respect puts you at risk of a fine, but not only that. In fact, the risk is also that of traveling putting your own safety and that of other people on the road at risk.

The Traffic laws, in reference to the tires, say that they will have to “be in perfect working order and free from injuries that could compromise safety”.

To check that the depth of the grooves of each tire has not fallen below the limit, there is a very practical trick, namely that of the coin. In fact, it will be possible to insert a coin from 1 euro on the grooves of the summer tire to check the actual wear. If the stars on the rim are still visible, then the tire is fine.

The same thing goes for winter tyres. In that case, you will need to do the same trick with the coin from 2 euros. If the silver border should remain visible outside the groove, then everything will be fine in this case as well.

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However, a mechanic will be able to assess tire wear even more precisely. Car tyres, on average, need to be changed every 5 years. In some cases, however, some of them can wear out sooner. However, it will be possible to change only the worn tyre. Depending on the situation, therefore, the four tires may not be changed all together.