The trick of the cartel to get the fine canceled: many do it

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Fines are always feared by millions of motorists. Incurring in error and, therefore, being liable to an administrative fine is always around the corner. Very often, in fact, it can happen to be wrong in a completely involuntary way or for a simple distraction. Regardless of this, however, anyone who is “caught” in committing an infringement is required to pay the fine. In some cases, however, it may be contested. What happened recently? Here is the “trick” of the cartel used in a specific case to not pay the fine. Let’s find out all the details in this regard.

Cartel Trick
Cartel Trick –

The Traffic laws requires everyone to respect the rules and the right behavior to keep on the road. In fact, it will be forbidden to jeopardize everyone’s safety or simply create a sort of discomfort in other road users. Furthermore, knowledge of all the road signs and of every device on the roads is essential.

In recent years, to put so much “fear” to Italian motorists are electronic devices capable of detecting the exceeding of the speed limits in some stretches. They are usually called Speed ​​Cameras and they can be placed almost anywhere. In fact, these devices can be encountered both in urban centers and on extra-urban roads.

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They are used by the police, as a valid aid for checking the correct speed limits on the roads of our country. Most of them are active 24 hours a day and do not require the physical presence of a patrol.

The Autovelox are able to intercept any car transiting beyond the speed limits allowed, by taking pictures of the license plate, thanks to the emission of a double parallel laser beam. Anyone, therefore, will be able to be notified of a sanction at home.

In some cases, however, it will be possible to appeal and not pay anything. Let’s find out what happened recently regarding the cancellation of a speeding ticket. The protagonist of the whole was a road sign. Here are all the details.

The sanction canceled with the “trick” of the cartel: that’s all that happened

Anyone who should receive at home – within 90 days of the infraction – the report of the report for speeding, will only have to pay the administrative fine. It goes from 42 euros up to even 3,000 and 382 euros, based on how far the limit has actually been exceeded. However, there are cases in which it will be possible to appeal, win it and, therefore, not pay the fine. Here are all the details.

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Speed ​​control road sign
The “trick” of the road sign to not pay the fine. That’s when you can appeal and win it – Motori.News

In the event that the speed camera is not fully approved and calibrated, then you can ask for the fine to be cancelled. But there are other cases as well. Indeed, it will be appropriate that there is one adequate reporting of the electronic device. It also must be clearly visible and free from the presence of obstacles. And again, the speed limits to be respected must also be present on the road.

Article 142 of the Highway Code indicates the following: “The control posts on the road network for speed detection must be signaled in advance and clearly visible, using signs or luminous signaling devices, in accordance with the rules established in the implementing regulation of this code”.

In the last few hours, there has been a lot of talk about the case that happened in Valsugana on state road 47. In fact, a motorist was “caught” by the speed camera while traveling at 105 km/h in a stretch where the speed limit was 90 km/h.

The fine, however, was contested by the driver of the vehicle, since the road sign was not visible, having fallen to the ground. The administrative sanction was canceled by the justice of the peace and the motorist will also be compensated by 43 euros for the costs of the proceedings.

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Cartel Trick
The “trick” of the road sign – Motori.News

From a video, in fact, it can be seen that the sign indicating the presence of the electronic device was not visible to motorists in transit. Appeal when you are right, therefore, is always a legal move. The advice, however, is to always moderate the speed, respecting the limits and rules of the Highway Code.