Aluminum pellet on the dashboard, why you should do it every day

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Why would you place a small aluminum ball on your dashboard? We’ll explain it to you right away: the effects of this new trend are surprising

Aluminum ball on the dashboard
Aluminum ball on the dashboard –

L’aluminum it is one of the most useful elements in the home and in the kitchen. Together with the famous transparent film allows us to keep food at its bestkeep those just cooked in their heat and sometimes they come to our rescue even for the perfect realization of some recipes in the oven.

Let’s talk about the rest of a versatile material which also lends itself to uses that go beyond culinary ones: at home, aluminum can be useful for different purposes, perhaps to quickly resolve some problem or inconvenience. Without a doubt, it is an object that we all have at home, with infinite rolls that are never missing, almost on a par with toilet paper.

Ok, so what does the car have to do with it? Why should we prepare an aluminum ball to even keep in the dashboard? Let’s talk about a method that has spread on the net in recent times and which apparently helps to solve an annoying problem.

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Why use an aluminum ball to put on the dashboard of the car

The aluminum ball placed in the context of the car can have a very useful function. We talked about a ball in the singular, it is true, but we advise you to prepare several to keep all on or near the dashboard. But what is their incredible function? Soon said.

Aluminium sheet
Aluminum foil –

The aluminum balls have in fact functions from thermal insulatorsboth in summer and winter, so let you keep the internal temperature of the car constant and less exaggerated when left parked in the blazing summer sun or outside on a cold winter night.

They can be balls, but also real ones aluminum foil: we understand that this is certainly not a very aesthetic solution, so we advise you to use it in those extreme cases in which you are still trying to protect the car’s internal temperature from the biting cold or sultry heat.

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But be careful because there may be aluminum balls also useful for another purpose directly connected to the car, but not only. We refer in particular to the rustwhich can also form on some parts of the car, especially if it is a few years old on the shoulders.

Very rusty car
Very rusty car –

So, what you have to do is take a small aluminum ball, wet it with a little Coke and rub the rusted part directly. You will soon discover that rust will go away as if nothing had happened and above all without using expensive chemical compounds which can also be harmful to our health.