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Marc Marquez reveals some superstitious background before taking to the track and some really curious personal effects.

Marc Marquez (LaPresse)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

There is great curiosity to review the work Marc Marquez, back from a third season in MotoGP with ups and downs due to the fourth operation on his right humerus. Only one podium in 2022, 13th place in the final standings and a great desire for redemption in view of the next championship. In a few days he will fly to Malaysia for the official test, a first test bench to try out the new one Honda RC213V. The men of the team had promised important updates for this event and the time to sum up is about to arrive.

In the suitcase with him he will bring not only clothes but also personal effects, some of which are really curious. In the second part of the interview given to GQ magazine, in view of Documentary “All In” available on Amazon from February 20, Marc Marquez confesses some intimate and personal background, from underwear to face creams… “I hate bad smells and I always carry creams with me to moisturize my face“. And a massage gun that he uses to prevent possible contractures cannot be missing.

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The color of the underwear during the GPs

Marc Marquez (Instagram)
Marc Marquez – Motors.News

Especially on race weekends the champion of Cervera he chooses his clothes very carefully, starting with the colours: “I wear blue underpants when I train on practice days, while during competitions I prefer red. If I start a season with an underpants model, it becomes untouchable. They must be the same on every day: the one for Friday, the one for Saturday and the same for Sunday’s race“.

The colors are not chosen at random: “The red represents me, while the blue reminds me of watching races on TV as a kid. When a rider improved his lap, it was said that he wore a blue helmet… Behaving like this has always brought me luck“. From 2013 to 2019 she won six world titles, before that the Jerez accident in 2020 would interrupt its triumphal march.

He will turn 30 on February 17 and has already achieved a lot on the professional front, but in the future he would like to start a family. “Everything I dreamed of came true before I turned 30. What I didn’t expect were the injuries“, added Marc Marquez. “I thought very little about my personal life. My goals have always been professional… I’d like to have a family, but it’s not just up to me. I prefer to think about the present, I don’t know what will happen in the future“.

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