if you press this button you halve your fuel costs

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In the last period, i.e. during these two years, fuel and petrol pumps have become the biggest nightmare of all motorists in the world.

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See turn on the light of the tank in reserve, means having to spend hundreds of euros simply to pour a few liters of expensive fuel into it.

That’s why many people today choose to travel by public transport rather than private transport, paying for insurance and car tax regardless, and then using it only for the most important trips, or when you can’t do without it.

All it takes is a bit of ingenuity to save money

Actually we should know that we must not deprive ourselves of comforts to save money, but only find out what and how to do so as not to waste fuel unnecessarily. New cars, for example, have a mysterious button that many don’t use simply because they don’t know what it’s for. Once discovered, on the contrary, it is difficult to do without it.

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This is the Eco button, which activates a mode ready to positively change the habits of all motorists. The whole operating system of the vehicle changes, for this reason the wise advice is not to press the button directly on the road but to try it first, when and where you feel safe.

For example, it would be appropriate to try it first in the parking space of your apartment building or in the driveway of the house so as not to put yourself and others at risk.


Here’s what changes when you activate this function via the dedicated key

The goal of the car manufacturers for years it has been only one: reduce fuel consumption as well as the emission of harmful substances that pollute the environment.

Many have succeeded with the Eco mode because it modifies the vehicle parameters, improving performance and giving those traveling inside it the possibility to do so in total comfort and relaxation, wasting much less fuel than normal.

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In practice, by activating this button, the accelerator does not accelerate aggressively following the pressure of the foot on the pedal but much more gently, using less fuel and respecting the car in all its functions.

The Eco mode also slows down the vehicle long before the obstacle, avoiding sudden last-minute braking which not only consumes much more fuel but also the brakes, gearbox and so on.