Have you ever noticed the button above the belt? You will never stop using it

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Seat belt: pay close attention to this secret button. Once pressed, you’ll use it every day: that’s what it’s for.

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Every day is the right occasion to make new discoveries on board your car: there are so many buttons and hidden functions. There’s a mysterious button in our car, which once pressed, will allow you to perform a really interesting and useful function. Once discovered you will use it every day.

Every motorist or every passenger in their car can manage a series of different features on the touch screen or on the dashboard. The latest generation cars have a series of buttons and features to be discovered: these features make it possible to significantly improve driving and safety on board the car.

Auto, here’s the secret button you should use

Perhaps you haven’t yet discovered all the features on board your car, but there is a secret and very useful button that allows you to save on fuel. With the skyrocketing price of petrol, Italian motorists are increasingly attentive to finding valid tricks and tricks to save money, there is a button that allows you to recycle the air to save as much as possible on petrol or diesel. Just press the air recycle button to renew it automatically without having to draw from the external environment. This will save you petrol since no cooling and heating processes will be activated inside.

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The air inside the car will be renewed and the external air will not be used. Thanks to this air recycling button it will be possible renew the air inside the car even when we are inside a tunnel or in heavy traffic. The polluted outside air will never enter the car and you can breathe easily. The correct use of the air recycling button will allow you to always have clean and quality air, as well as considerable savings on petrol.

Secret button in the car: when to use it?

In colder days it is good advice not to use this secret button: activating it at the same time as the heating causes the car windows to fog up, reducing visibility. In the summer months activating the air recirculation button allows for faster cooling of the car after activating the air conditioning. Outside warm air will not be able to enter the car. The air recycle button should only be used under certain circumstances.

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