Smear this on your car windshield for an amazing result – unbelievable

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The car windshield is a fundamental part of the vehicle, because it allows you to keep the vehicle under control while driving, in any weather condition.

Car windshield
Car windshield – Motori.News

This item allows you to drive safely both day and night, respecting themselves and others.

If it is chipped or if it has cracks, caused for example by small stones or minor accidents, it must be repaired immediately or replaced if necessary.

Car windshield, what maintenance is required

A very small crack on the windshield gradually gets bigger over time, for this reason it is advisable to intervene immediately and not waste too much time if you want to save money. A crack of a few centimeters can be remedied with some cheap maintenance by the trusted coachbuilder.

If, on the other hand, time is wasted and the crack becomes a fracture, then replacement becomes necessary, which obviously costs much more. It must also be taken into account that driving around with a broken windshield exposes you to the risk of being stopped at the checkpoint and getting a fine of over €300. This is established by article 79 of the highway code.

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Here’s what to use on the windshield to get a completely unexpected great result

But be careful because the windshield must not only be in perfect structural condition, but also kept clean, free of stains, streaks, or dead insects. All this because it must absolutely not limit the view but keep it perfect especially in the rain.

In this case, strange as it may seem, a product that we all have at home, which can work wonders, comes in handy. We are talking about the fabric softener. Here’s how to use it.

The first thing to do is wash the windshield properly and then dry it thoroughly. Then take another cloth and wet it with a little fabric softener poured in small doses without exaggerating. Once done, it is spread directly on the glass.

Not only does the windscreen become shiny, but it is also waterproof, so that in rainy weather, the water rolls off without restricting the view. Of course, although it shouldn’t need to be stressed, fabric softener doesn’t take the place of wipers, it’s just an extra help.

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The windshield wipers must always be correctly assembled and functioning, ready to go into operation if and when needed. So if they are broken or there is a need to replace them because they are worn, it is better to do it in a short time if you don’t want to get very high fines.