Tires, with this simple trick thieves will take them away in 5 minutes

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There is a simple trick used by thieves that allows them to take away the tires of your car. It only takes 5 minutes to carry out the theft.

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Every year the number of thefts increases more and more and motorists have to run for cover. The number of car and tire thieves has grown exponentially over the last few years and, consequently, even the strategies implemented by thieves are increasingly intelligent and refined. The same authorities have taken the field to warn motorists and to prepare the useful tools that allow them to protect yourself from theft attempts.

Tire and car thieves: here are the brilliant tricks used

Within minutes the thieves can steal the cars and the tyres without leaving a trace: car theft strategies and techniques are increasingly intelligent and refined. For this reason, it is good to know them and pay close attention. Auto theft professionals are capable of steal a car latest generation with or without keys. They often resort to coding systems to open the secondary doors, while other times, thanks to technological instruments, they carry out hi-tech thefts.

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Twin key strategy

One technique used by car thieves is that to clone the physical key of the car to be stolen. Just use the twin key and wait for the right moment to steal cars and tyres. Thieves using this technique are in possession of an electronic key replicator similar to what is used by hardware stores.

Luxury car key programming strategy

Another technique that is used to steal a car and tires is to program the key of some luxury vehicles. You need to be an electronics expert to steal your car. A scanner is connected to the car’s OBD port to create a duplicate with a blank electronic key that can be purchased on the web.

Clone the virtual key

Another keyless system provides the possibility of clone the virtual key: the thieves’ technique is to exploit the short-range communication of the key by means of amplification with an antenna. Once in the car, just start the engine and you’re done.

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Bypass the car’s immobiliser

A technique that allows you to steal the car and the tires is that of bypass the immobiliser and start the car engine.