Free petrol, with this trick they stole 300 liters in 1 second

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The jump trick allowed these people to steal 300 liters of petrol for free – here’s how it worked.

Free petrol
Free petrol –

The expensive fuel it certainly doesn’t please anyone, but what these people have invented touches the blurred line between fraud and madness. Although legal methods exist to save something on the price of petrol and diesel, especially in terms of consumption, for some the new increases have been considered so unacceptable that they study them all to be able to steal petrol to the unfortunate distributors.

The situation of uncertainty due to the war in Ukraine that we have been experiencing for almost a year now, also thanks to one international energy crisis which has affected the whole world, contributes to keeping fuel prices high, especially after the government has not renewed the discount on excise duties that had been decided by the previous executive.

This means that those who are unable to accept it, to make sacrifices and above all to live within the law have seen fit take it out on the distributors. These people, studying a trick that seems stupid, but which apparently is very effective, have managed to steal 300 liters of petrol in no time.

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The jump trick that allowed these people to steal over 300 liters of petrol

We specify that the story in question actually began in 2009 and only this year has it reached its conclusion. To think it was a man who in more than ten years has managed to steal more than 300 liters of petrol: the method naturally spread quickly and was also imitated by other people.

Petrol station
Petrol station –

How did this man’s technique work? His trick was to lurk at a gas station and wait for more customers to arrive. As soon as they had completed their operation and went away, they hurried to take the pump, put it in its tank and began to jump on the pipe in order to steal the remaining drops.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking: but how much patience did this person have? Certainly a lot, considering that it went on for 14 years: a very long period of time in which he managed to steal about 300 liters of petrol for a cash amount approaching 500 euros. As soon as he realized it, the owner of the vending machine immediately filed a complaint leading the police to launch an investigation.

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Fuel pump
Fuel pump –

It took time to establish this person’s violations, but they finally stopped his successful attempt to scam this gas station. A method that is then widespread on the web and it has been imitated throughout Italy: fortunately, a lot of patience is needed to cause real damage to the distributors and above all the filling stations have equipped themselves to prevent this particular phenomenon. In short, if you want to save money, use conventional methods.