Petrol, the ‘criminal’ way to fill up for free

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A new illegal trick allows you to fill up with fuel completely free: this is how they got up to 1500 liters.

Illegal trick
Illegal Trick – Motori.News

The expensive new fuel which accompanied us to the beginning of 2023, also due to the government’s decision not to extend the discount on excise duties which had been applied in the second half of 2022, it certainly didn’t help the Italians who are facing a period of strong increases from all points of view.

It goes without saying that those who need a car to get around really study them all for the sake of save something on the price per liter for a full tank. Take advantage of the so-called “white” pumps it is one of the most common methods, as they usually charge slightly less than “branded” stations.

Also the choice of time and place in which you refuel can have an impact: not refueling on the motorway and doing it especially at night could help you save a little.

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There is though who just can’t stay within the boundaries of legality and studies more or less “genius” methods to understand how to steal even up to 1500 liters of fuel without paying a penny. In this case we are talking about people also equipped with interesting computer knowledge since the gist is their own to “hack” petrol pumps. Let’s see how.

How did they steal 1500 liters of petrol

Even real ones have spread on the web technology manuals which explain step by step how to act to steal fuel through a cyber breach. The piano covered by this article was born in the United States but, as with all things that are transmitted on the net, it also easily arrived overseas.

Gas station
Petrol station –

The hackers in question have studied a system that through computer equipment allows you to tamper with the digital protection of petrol pumps and, with the aid of a device, they were thus purloined 1500 liters of fuel.

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In detail, it seems that these real computer hacking specialists have found a way to tamper with the filling stations, manage the access credentials to internal digitized systems and thus being able to have liters and liters of petrol without actually paying a penny.

Needless to say, since it is a theft we are talking about a grossly illegal system so if you were thinking of looking for this method we strongly advise against doing so. Also because such news has alerted not only the police, but also the filling stations themselves who are thus preparing all the necessary precautions to prevent thefts of this kind.

Hacker –

If you want save on petrolin short, take advantage of the conventional methods that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.