€7953 less on the bill if they find this in your car: run and take it off

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The presence of this object on the car can cost you very expensive fines of up to thousands of euros: let’s see what it is

€7953 less on the bill
€7953 less on the account -Motori.news

As we well know, the plate it is an essential element in any motor vehicle, whether it is a car, a truck or a moped. It is the means by which it is possible to recognize a vehicle, to trace its technical characteristics and above all to its owner’s data.

There license plate reading using an automated system it can be useful on those occasions when it is necessary to verify the actual correct passage of a car in controlled areas: whether it is the toll booth, limited and paid parking, insurance policies, inspections, entry into restricted traffic areas and so on, the license plate works as a sort of identity document for the car and allows access to various services.

The license plate recognition it also becomes useful when the Highway Code is violated: thanks to the data concerning it, it is possible to record the fines and deliver them to your home if they have been collected through an automatic system, such as a speed camera or a video camera that monitors traffic lights and certain areas.

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It is therefore no surprise that the Highway Code regulates this aspect in a very severe way, in particular with article 102 which provides that every motor vehicle must be provided with a plate and this in turn must be intact, clearly visible and above all legible. If one or more of these situations are missing, the fines can also become very serious.

Covering the license plate is a very serious crime: very heavy fines

With this article let’s talk about those particular people who are in the habit of use systems to cover the license plate in order to escape possible controls and therefore to the consequent fines. Think of those who whiz by in front of a speed camera system or those who want to enter a restricted traffic area illegally.

Dirty car
Very dirty car can have illegible license plate – Motori.news

There are several methods to cover license plates and several have spread: the lowest common denominator that concerns them is that obviously the law severely punishes them. This because an unidentifiable license plate is considered a very serious offence since it prevents recognition of the vehicle.

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The driver’s job is to make sure that the plates are always legible, given that over time and with the various weather conditions encountered on the road, they can also be subject to heavy dirt. In that case nothing to say, just clean to be immediately in order. But for those who deliberately covered them, perhaps with a small cloth?

Unreadable license plate
Illegible car plate – Motori.news

Here the situation becomes serious because the law provides that if the license plate is totally or partially counterfeited or intentionally covered the fine starts from 2,000 euros but can go up to almost 8,000 euros. And in case you are caught repeating the same violation, the permanent seizure of the vehicle is also foreseen.

Lighter the fines in case of simple dirt, since it ranges from 41 to 168 euros. Doubled amount in case the license plate is completely absent, or one or the other makes no difference.

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