Salad tongs, having 1 pair in the car is very useful: it saves your life

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A very useful and unusual trick is to take salad tongs with you in the car: we will explain why it will be useful for you

Salad pins in the car
Salad pinse in the car – Motori.News

Surely the moment you read this title you wondered if by chance we hadn’t gone crazy. What are we supposed to use them for salad tongs in the car. They are very useful in the kitchen, no doubt, for their conventional purposes, but inside our car? Can they really help us? Well, we managed to find a utility for him.

It may understandably seem like a crazy, meaningless thing to you, but for this very reason we invite you to stay tuned and take a look at the next paragraph to understand how to organize yourself to use salad tongs in the car in a way that is really useful to you. We explain everything to you below.

Salad tongs in the car: just madness or is there a real utility behind it?

The solution we have thought of concerns all those cases in which we approach the tollbooth, we do not have a Telepass, and we have to collect the conventional ticket. Therefore, due to a calculation error we are too far from the ticket issuer and we are then forced to get out of the car to collect it.

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Highway ticket
Motorway ticket –

A problem that mainly affects people who are not very tall they may have difficulty inserting or withdrawing the toll booth ticket in order to pay the toll due. But the inconvenience can also occur among taller people, especially if there has been a calculation error in approaching the column.

For do not get out of the car we have thought of this method with salad tongs: when you find yourself stopping at the tollbooth to collect the ticket or, if necessary, to insert it, you can take advantage of this practical kitchen utensil in a perhaps comical way, but without a doubt effective.

So here’s that you can use the pliers both to withdraw the ticket and to insert it easily. A sort of extension of your arm, almost like a crab claw and that will speed up your toll operations. After all, you know very well that if you are forced to get out of the car and there is a long queue behind you, the motorists behind you could easily get nervous and rush you: an unpleasant situation that we undoubtedly want to avoid.

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Salad tongs
Salad tongs –

And then it’s always good put yourself in a position not to get out of the careven at the tollbooth, because you never know what can happen and caution, as we know, is never too much.

In short, a nice pair of salad tongs to keep in the car will save you from any embarrassment of picking up the ticket at the toll booth. Even if you get the measurements wrong just “stretch” the pliers to grab the ticket and easily continue your ride. Simple and effective.