Here comes the amnesty for fines, you won’t have to reach for your wallet anymore

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With the 2023 budget law comes the scrapping of old tax records: including fines. There is an amnesty for many

The sanatorium arrives
The amnesty arrives –

There budget law entry into force this year aims to give a real squeeze on tax bills: specifically all payables officially registered from 2000 to 2015 that do not exceed 1000 euros.

These include numerous car tax payments not made, IRPEF assessments, rubbish tax and above all many unpaid fines. So is there really an amnesty? More or less and now we’re going to explain why.

Budget law 2023: is there really an amnesty on fines?

First of all, let us specify that the amnesty always concerns tax bills: it is true, unpaid fines sooner or later turn into such, but it takes a few years before that happens. This means that the rebate on fines refers to very old sanctionsall those for which the municipalities started a collection procedure from 2000 to 2015.

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Car fine
Car fine –

Therefore, if you too have received a tax notice regarding an unpaid fine, the first thing you need to do is check the date of enrollment that you find on one of its pages. If this date is between 2000 and 2015 you already have a very good chance of not having to pay the fine.

But pay attention to the second detail: it is the municipalities that have to decide whether or not to join the amnesty. The decision to entrust the mayors with the decision to proceed or not with the subsidies envisaged by the new budget law aims to minimize the impact on the municipal accounts, which in the event that the government decides to cancel all fines under one thousand euros they would end up with a shortfall of around 300 million euros.

Tax notice
Tax bill –

cwhat do you have to do, then? You need to check whether or not your municipality adheres to the scrapping. If so, if the debt is between 2000 and 2015, you will not have to pay anything and the amount to be paid will be canceled automatically without you having to do anything. The same applies if you have suffered a car foreclosure or similar sanctions: if it falls within the parameters discussed, everything will be automatically cancelled.

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In case the municipality doesn’t join instead you will be forced to pay and there is no loophole there: to be sure, we advise you to contact the town hall of your municipality or on its website where all the information on the matter should be published, both if you adhere and in the event, we hope not, you have decided not to .