Car windows, have you ever wondered why the ones behind won’t go down? Here’s the reason

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All cars, from the older ones to the latest generation ones, have some essential elements. Among these are, without a doubt, the windows. Therefore, each car is equipped with front and rear windows, which can be lowered or raised, according to the various needs of each person on board. However, anyone will have noticed that the rear windows cannot be completely lowered, as is the case with the front ones. What is this due to? Let’s find out all the details on this topic.

car window
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THE windows they are fundamental elements. Indeed, allow the user to change the air inside the car and to be lowered or raised, according to the real need. Moreover, they are essential to be used also in reference to petrol consumption. In some cases, it will be advisable for them to be pulled up completely, while other times it would be the case to drive with the windows down instead of turning on the air conditioning.

If you travel on extra-urban roads – the speed, therefore, will be higher on average than in urban centers – it is important to travel with the windows up. In fact, the friction of the outside air will make you slow down and consequently push the accelerator harder. Therefore, fuel consumption will be higher.

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In urban centres, especially in the hot months, it will be better to travel with the windows down and combine them with the use of the fan. For short journeys, in fact, it is better to do this rather than activate the air conditioning. This move with the windows will also help you consume less fuel. Something important to know, especially at a time like this with skyrocketing petrol prices.

The windows can be adjusted by each individual user or directly by the driver of the vehicle. In the event of the presence of children in the rear part of the car, in fact, the driver can block the opening of the windows and doors for safety reasons.

But do you know why the front windows can be rolled down completely, while the back ones can’t? Here is the amazing answer that will blow your mind. We’re sure you’ve asked yourself this question many times.

Rear car windows: that’s why they don’t roll down completely. The answer will amaze you

Several people are aware of this, while others are completely unaware and think that this choice is made only for a mere aesthetic question. In reality, this is not the case. Behind this thing there is not a choice of the various producers, but something more technical and structural. Why, then, do the rear windows not roll down completely? Here is the answer.

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Rear car window – Motori.News

The windows until recently it was possible to manage them only and exclusively manually, using the appropriate crank. Today’s cars, on the other hand, are all equipped with an electronic system. Just press the appropriate button and adjust the window, according to real needs.

Regardless of how it works, however, one fact that has always leapt to the eye concerns the not possibility to fully lower the glass of the rear windows. As anticipated, this is not a choice of the individual car manufacturer, but something that you just can’t do without.

In fact, the front part of the car is linear and, therefore, it will be possible to get the glass down all the way. Instead, the rear of any car always has an arc shape. This structural aspect does not allow the glass to go all the way down. In fact, if it went down completely, it would risk breaking the wheel arch, i.e. the element that wraps and protects the wheel.

Car window down
Do you know why the rear windows can’t go down all the way? Here is the explanation – Motori.News

The rear windows, therefore, do not go down completely, but a small part will always remain up. At some point, in fact, they will get stuck. We recommend NEVER force the windows down, so as not to compromise the functioning of the electronic system. Furthermore, forcing the descent would risk creating breakage in the wheel arch, with all the related consequences.

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We have clarified all your doubts on this matter. You are now aware of this particular feature of the rear windows.