Hail, the only way to protect your car is this: you don’t pay €1

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Hail is a big problem not only for those who often travel by car and therefore find themselves having to deal with it, especially in the summer, both day and night, but also for those who by force of circumstances are forced to leave the car outside.


Following rainfall or hailstorms, the car can be seriously damaged, because however absurd or exaggerated it may seem, each hailstone can involve an immense expense for the body shop, who has to work for days and hours to restore damaged bodywork and windshield.

Obviously, hailstorms do not always mean devastation, because if the small pieces are small, a few millimetres, the glass can be considered safe, otherwise, so if the hail exceeds a diameter of 1 or 2 cm, then this becomes a big problem.

How to protect your car from hail in any season

Especially in the summer when no one expects a hailstorm can be a problem. In this case there may be solutions to apply, which do not cost much, which limit the consequences of a hailstorm.

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We are talking about the anti-hail sheet for example. Obviously you have to pay attention to the weather so as not to be caught unprepared. Then cover the car in the hope that the hail is not excessively large and that the sheet may be sufficient to protect the bodywork.


How to fix hail damage at home

If the sheet isn’t enough and the hail should still damage the bodywork of the car, don’t worry, just buy a single tool, to use in a do-it-yourself key at home without no preparation and that’s it.

This tool can be purchased online, as well as in the various shops that resell car accessories, the cost is low, it can be useful for damages of various kinds.

It is about using an extractor, which allows you to pull out the part of the bodywork damaged by hail, recovering the lump as best as possible. Maybe the damage will not be fully repaired in the sense that it could remain an inconspicuous dot but certainly not like before.

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Probably few people know it but there are ancillary insurance policies that allow you to avoid major economic damage due to hail. These policies are all different from each other and consequently have a variable cost.

The expense rises from 40 to €120 a year, which, however high it may seem, is still acceptable if one considers the fact that the damage caused by hail can have a triple cost being forced to seek professional help.