Everyone was amazed when I put baby oil on the car – crazy result

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All those who have children or are concerned about the health of the body and the care and well-being of the skin will certainly have at least one pack of Baby Oil at home.

Baby Oil on the car
Baby Oil on auto-Motori.news

Anyone who has always been happy with this product will certainly have stock at home, it happens not to realize that a pack is about to expire or even expired and not really knowing what to do with it.

Throwing it in the trash is a real sacrilege because it costs a lot, so there are amazing ideas that allow you to recycle the baby Oil intelligently, without waste, which we all should know.

The following advice changes the life and habits of those who love cars and take care of them just like people.

Here are the alternative uses of baby oil

The baby oil used in the car is able to act in the same way, if not even better, than the products indicated for car care. For example Baby Oil can be used to clean, soften and polish the leather of the steering wheel, as well as the seats which obviously then go with care.

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Or it can come in handy for polishing the exterior components of the vehicle. It may seem absurd but that’s right, not only does the baby Oil polish the various components making them much more beautiful at first sight but it creates a sort of barrier effect against bad weather such as rain.

baby oil-motors.news

How to take care of the car making it perfect with baby oil

If you want to give it a try to discover the great capabilities of baby oil, just try the product on an old dull piece of furniture, with just one pass, it’s like new again. Then you can try it directly on the cars, Works well on both interiors and exteriors with great results.

First of all, Su recommends washing the machine thoroughly, removing all dirt, both dust and encrusted dirt. She should be lathered well using a sponge, then rinsed thoroughly and given a wipe with baby oil, always using a soft, clean sponge or cloth.

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The result will be perfect. Once this trick is discovered, even those who at first glance find it hard to believe it will change their mind and will no longer be able to do without it. Even having the opportunity to wash the car and polish it as just explained, you can even avoid going to the washerman. The result obtained will be identical saving a lot of money.