Bike, this bell is mandatory: €100 fine on the spot

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Many people today travel by bike because it is a comfortable means of transport, which allows you to travel for several kilometers while saving petrol and in some cases even time.

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Unfortunately, however, cyclists think they can do this who want and in some cases believe they own the road.

For which they implement very dangerous behaviors for themselves and for others without realizing the seriousness and without thinking about the fact that the highway code punishes everyone those who commit infringements of any kind while driving a non-motorized two-wheeled vehicle.

What an elderly cyclist discovered as a result of an accident

For example, not many people know that traveling on a bike without a bell can have a cost ranging from 25 to €100, in fact you risk a fine. A cyclist from Riccione has discovered it in recent days, who found himself in an absurd situation at first glance.

Probably from this experience he will have learned valid lessons that will be useful for the rest of his life. We refer to the case of an elderly cyclist from Velo Club Riccione, his story has sparked the controversy of the most.

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The current standard on the bell mounted on classic bikes and more

The man found himself having to pay a fine of €25 because he was traveling on his bike without a bell, but the strangest and most absurd thing is that he had just been hit by a car that was also at fault.

The motorist who had run over him had suddenly cut him off. Despite what happened, the police couldn’t help but notice and point out that he doesn’t have a bell and that he has to be fined for this lack.

The elderly man, as well as many cyclists, discovered on this occasion that it is also present in the highway code Article 68 paragraph 1 which deems acoustic signals mandatory. Among other things, it is important to clarify that the bike must have a very specific bell, audible at least up to 30 meters away and therefore not just any.

Then there are other rules that cyclists often do not consider, that is, those who ride a bike cannot stop on the pedestrian crossing without getting off the vehicle and no one can circulate in the middle of the roadway.

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The obligation for those riding a bike is to keep to the right and not to travel in the lane reserved for public transport as well as to respect the red light, which is valid not only for motor vehicles, but also for both classic and electric.