Rubber hose, experts advise to always have one in the car: crazy

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There are many objects of various use that can also be useful for your car. In fact, it is not uncommon to come across products or objects capable of significantly improving certain aspects and making your driving experience better. If you don’t want to miss the amazing function of a floating rubber hose, then read our article. This discovery could really come in handy during a specific situation behind the wheel. Here are all the details on this topic.

Rubber tube
Rubber hose –

When driving a car, even a small detail can guarantee a real improvement in terms of comfort and practicality. Driving the vehicle in the best possible way is always important, in order to avoid problems of any kind. For example, always having clean glass allows you to never have visibility problems.

In general, it is important that your driving is NEVER a danger to yourself or others. Some items, in many cases, can really guarantee a general improvement in various aspects. And often, they allow you to avoid carrying out certain maneuvers that are dangerous for you and your car.

And the interesting and, in some ways absurd, thing is that very often some unthinkable objects come to your aid. In fact, they are designed for a completely different use, but they can also be tailored to improve a specific situation for your car.

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Among the many useful objects to guarantee you an improvement in the practicality of your driving experience, there is also a very common floating rubber tube. For what purpose can it be used by you? Here are all the details about this incredible discovery that we bring you today.

What can a rubber hose be used for in your car? Here’s everything you need to know

It may seem really absurd, but a floating rubber hose can really safeguard your car if used in the correct way and in a specific circumstance. It will have happened to you very often to open the car door and crash it – involuntarily – against a wall. Sometimes it can happen, in fact, that the door can get scratched or, in the worst cases, dented due to trivial inattention. How can a rubber hose safeguard your car? Here we explain everything to you.

Rubber hose for car use
A floating rubber tube can prevent the door from being scratched or dented during opening: here are the details – Motori.News

Some manoeuvres, such as those in reference to parking or moving around the city in heavy traffic, can cause small “thumps”. The consequence of them can lead to damage to the bodywork of your car. In a specific case, however, you can solve any kind of problem in this regard.

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If you own a garage, where you park your car near your home, then the floating rubber hose can really be important so you don’t slam the door against the wall accidentally.

The same is true if you usually park your car in the same place near the house and near a low wall. Putting a hose there can save your door. Obviously, it will be important to take the measurements well and position the piece of rubber tube in the exact opening point of the door.

Rubber hose
Floating rubber hose – Motori.News

This object can be nailed to the wall or glued with scotch tape. If you do things right, you will prevent an involuntary opening of the door from creating any problems. The floating rubber tube, in fact, will be able to cushion the blow, making you breathe a strong sigh of relief.

A thoughtfulness that will allow your door not to get dented or scratched. This way you will avoid going to the body shop and you will save a lot of money.

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