Car tax 2023, complete the procedure and get a 20% discount

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With this procedure you can pay the 2023 car tax with an advantageous 20% discount: we’ll explain how it works

car tax 2023
car tax 2023 –

No surprise: also for 2023 we have the car tax payment, the hated motor vehicle ownership tax that must be paid every year. The method of collection they may differ from region to region, but generally the payment must be paid by the last day of the month following the month of enrolment.

The car tax, as we unfortunately know, goes paid regardless whether you use the car or not. If the costs of the insurance can be canceled in those periods in which one is certain not to use the car, thus putting the insurance coverage on hold, the same cannot happen with the car tax which must be paid without excuses as long as it is certified as a vehicle owner.

Of course there are exemptions they can relate to who owns an electric or hybrid car or a historic car used only for exhibition purposes. Luckily, in 2023 there are exemptions and reductions for everyone, let’s go and see them together.

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How to save on car tax 2023 with the new concessions

There law 104 allows you not to pay the car tax if you own an electric or hybrid car: depending on the region of reference, the exemption can last from 3 to 5 yearsa considerable advantage considering that with the new car purchase formulas it can be the entire period of ownership of a car.

Car tax 2023
Car tax 2023 –

If, on the other hand, you own a car with a conventional engine and you are forced to pay the full price of the car tax, don’t forget that there is a method that allows you to save up to 20% on tax.

This method consists of domiciling the payment of the tax to the current or bank account: here too it depends from region to region and the extent of the discount can therefore differ, but you can ask your credit institution for more information to understand how to do it and therefore have the possibility of saving something on the payment of the hated tax.

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Car tax calculation 2023
Car tax calculation 2023 –

Alternatively, but in this case you would not have the discount, the car tax is paid through traditional channels. You can therefore choose to go to the tobacconist’s or take advantage of the functions of home banking of your bank. Finally, we remind you that by opening the ACI website you have the possibility to check if the payment of the tax for your car has always been successful: this small check will allow you to avoid some possible nasty surprises in the future.