Windows, with this trick you save 10 euros of petrol

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The windows, both in winter and in summer, are fundamental, because they solve many problems especially in summer when it is very hot or in winter when the glass has to be defrosted.

Windows, trick to save petrol
Windows, trick to save petrol –

Not many know thisbut opening or closing the window at the right time can be a great source of income, let’s see why.

Since the price increases have arrived at the petrol stations, the wallets of motorists have lightened a lot, so those who have to face a journey on four wheels find themselves having to deal with the penny or even having to give up some things to save money.

In reality it is not true that you have to give up this or that to travel without spending too much, the comforts are there and they must be used, the only thing to do to optimize consumption is to find out about tricks and tricks that can change your life.

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The car window saves 10% fuel, here’s how, when and why

Opening the windows at certain times, for example, allows you to reduce consumption by at least 10%, you just need to adjust and know when to do it. So when the travel speed is minimum, for example inside the town where you can not exceed 50 km per hour, sI recommend using the fan only, without turning on the air conditioning.

In this case, the window can be lowered so that fresh air circulates saving money. If, on the other hand, you exceed 80 km per hour and therefore travel at high speed, for example on the motorway, the windows must absolutely be closed because otherwise they have a serious impact on consumption. You can even consume €35 more for a long journey.

Other tricks that aim at savings, which everyone should know and put into practice

Then, to save fuel as much as possible, it is advisable not to accelerate and decelerate frequently, but keep the speed constant and make braking as smooth as possible.

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There are tricks to save petrol without giving up the use of the car. You just have to know them and then put them into practice. Therefore, from now on those who have put their car in the garage, choosing to use public transport to get around, for example to go to school or work, can take it back.

By applying these easy, practical, smart and cheap tricks, various problems can be solved in a few minutes, without too much difficulty. Lower or raise a window, accelerate or decelerate properly, requires a gesture lasting a few seconds, but it can change your life.