How to cheat the speed camera, the legal trick to not get a fine

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Speed ​​cameras are a nightmare for all Italian motorists. In fact, many of them are constantly looking for valid tricks and very often illegal tricks to avoid having to pay fines or to evade the speed control.

How to cheat the speed camera
How to cheat the

There are those who, for example, try to hide the license plate or to modify it with the use of a magnetic leaf that attaches and detaches as needed, simply with a remote control or modifying it with the spray or with an indelible marker to confuse the devices or the forces of order.

However being illegal tricks, the consequences are more serious than not respecting the speed and be fined, in some cases (obviously based on the seriousness of the infringement committed) you risk having your vehicle confiscated or your license suspended.

Legal tricks, which ones to apply and why

In reality not many know that there are gods absolutely legal stratagems that allow you to challenge the fine and avoid paying it without running the risk of other consequences.

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In fact, it is a question of making use of cunning and intelligence in addition to knowledge. There is only one trick: to update at 360°.


What to do when a fine arrives at home and you don’t want to pay it

The first thing to do when the fine arrives is to check the notified report and the last calibration which must have been carried out no more than 365 days before. A second ploy relies on the license plate detected by the speed camera, which must be legible.

To be a valid fine, there must be no doubt even about a letter, otherwise you have 60 days to challenge it, go to a judge and avoid paying her.

Then the speed camera must never be hidden, but must be accurately marked as well as visible from several meters away, because this is what the highway code says.

The control post must always be visible from any point on the road, by motorists, etc., as well as indicated by road signs. In the event that the patrol with the speed camera should be hidden, the fine can be challenged before a judge with very good chances that the fined motorist may not pay the fine.

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Obviously, all of this must still serve as a lesson, because speed limits exist because they must be respected since they are the only ones to guarantee correct and safe circulation for any user. Both for those who use two-wheeled vehicles, cars or heavy vehicles.