Checkpoints, if you do not answer this question correctly €286 fine

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Anyone will have caught a fine at the checkpoint at least once in their life, for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter if the car is owned, otherwise, unfortunately, there are problems.

286 euro fine
286 euro

Just don’t own the documents required by the police, or being found driving the vehicle without a license, to unleash a real hell, from which getting out is really difficult.

When a fine comes straight to the car owner’s home, one is proved very bad feeling, frustration, bewilderment, anxiety, fear and incredible nervousness. Unfortunately there is nothing else to do but pay the fine because whoever makes a mistake pays. The law says so.

What to do if you receive a fine but were not driving the vehicle at the time of the offence

Be careful though because if you receive a fine and the communication of the deduction of points from your driving licence, without having actually been driving the vehicle involved, the communication of the data of the actual driver must necessarily be sent within 60 days to be in order.

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Alternatively, the police forces deduct the points from the wrong licence. The aforementioned communication must be sent by registered mail, if you want to appeal against the statement. All of this obviously only if the person who committed the offense is different from the owner of the vehicle.

For example if the son has caught the sanction due of an offense committed by him, but in reality the car belongs to the father, the communication must be done in rapid themes to avoid wrong consequences.

Fine if the driver’s data is not communicated within the times indicated

As for the fine, this does not fall only on the driver but also on the owner of the vehicle. If you do not submit the driver data report following a fine, you risk getting a second fine ranging from 282 euros to 1,142 euros.

This fine can also be contested, only if the communication of the data has been made, but it never arrived at its destination. The communication must be made only if, together with the pecuniary sanction or the fine, there is also an accessory one, i.e. the deduction of points.

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So in the event of a parking fine, since the reduction of points on the license is not envisaged, it is not necessary to initiate any communication within the times indicated. As regards the appeal, this can be made to the justice of the peace within 30 days while it must be sent to the prefect within and no later than 60 days.