Faded car plastics: you only need 2€ to make them shine

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If the plastic parts of your car are now faded, 2 euros of product is enough to bring them back to light: here’s what you have to do

Faded car plastics
Faded car plastics -Motori.news

It may happen that over time, especially if you are used to or are forced to leave the car outside at night, the plastics of your car appear to lose color as if they were faded.

Once to solve it was necessary to rely on authorized workshops with interventions that are also quite invasive: now we can advise you on the use of a product that it will only cost 2 euros and which will allow you to revive the color of your car as if it had just left the dealership. Almost.

We will now explain what you need to use in order to solve this annoying problem, especially if you are a person who cares a lot about their car and who cannot bear to see it in these conditions.

How to revive faded car plastics

You can find this product online or in specialized shops: it is a reviving colour which is kept in small bottles that resemble those used for nail polish. The package also includes two small sponges, one smaller and the other squared. The first is placed under the second and then you pour a few drops of dye: rub gently on the faded parts and let it take effect.

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Car painting
Car painting – Motori.news

To avoid possible reactions or complications we suggest you cover your hands with gloves while applying this method. Once you have left the product on for a while be sure to use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess left over.

You will soon find out how plastics of the car will be practically like new again. The price of these products is very cheap and they are often found on offer that costs no more than 2 euros.

If you want more you can also take advantage of gel varnishes which you can find in grey, anthracite black and which you then have to adapt to the color of your car. To apply them you must use the same previous method using the small swab that you find in the package. We are talking about products that are usually useful for furniture restoration, but are also suitable for cars, scooters and motorbikes.

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All you have to do is choose the products you prefer. Of course, if the car is that many years old and has been sitting in the sun all this time you can’t expect big miracles. Conversely, a car that is still recent and for which the paint is only slightly faded can use this method to see the color practically come back to life.

Car polishing
Car polishing – Motori.news

To safeguard the car you can also use other solutions, such as a cloth that covers it when you are sure not to use it for a while and try to find parking in shady areas, especially in summer. If you have a garage, on the other hand, you can be sure that the color will take a long time to wear off.