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By law in Italy there is a fine of 422 euros with the withdrawal of the car booklet if you travel on a vehicle on which illegal modifications have been made.

€422 fine and withdrawal of the booklet
€422 fine and withdrawal of registration certificate – Motori.News

There are some modifications prohibited by law and therefore by the highway code, of which not all motorists are aware, which affect many cars that they risk big every day.

The highway code is practically infinite, made up of rules that not all of us know about, but of which we should be aware especially if we travel often and willingly, for work reasons or for fun or otherwise.

Everything motorists don’t know

All motorists of the world they dream of having a super car in their hands or of transforming their own car and embellishing it in a particular way, making it unique. Unfortunately this is not possible, at least not entirely.

In fact, they can be done on cars carry out minor maintenance and modifications, without exaggeration, in compliance with the law.

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Some jobs cannot be done both because they are very expensive, and because otherwise you risk huge fines, because they do not comply with the law.


Here’s what is prohibited by law

Some citizens think of being able to change the characteristics of your vehicle at any time and to be able to do what they want simply because this has been bought and paid for out of pocket. In a nutshell, one is convinced that one is entitled to it. But is not so.

Some operations are prohibited by law, so those who carry out certain illegal jobs risk taking home very large fines. Not all gadgets and high-tech devices are legal, in fact applying them could result in a €422 fine.

For example, mufflers, side skirts and everything external to the vehicle, easily visible, cannot be modified and replaced because it must remain as it comes from the factory. If not, not only do you get the fine but you get the withdrawal of the bookletas a result of which the vehicle no longer has the right to circulate.

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There is also a lot of risk for lighting systems or LEDs, non-standard headlights, for adjustments to the set-up with shock absorbers or non-approved parts, audio system systems unregulated and so on.

So if you don’t want to risk losing your car or having to spend huge sums to put everything back in its proper place, it is advisable to avoid and settle for the basic beauty of the vehicle.