New FIAT Uno, anything but luxury cars: a spectacular and economical SUV

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It seems that Fiat is preparing to bring a new compact SUV to the market. It seems that this famous name has made the history of the Italian brand.

The new FIAT Uno becomes Cross
The new FIAT Uno becomes Cross –

Classic test specimens are rolled out onto the streets for rigorous trials that mimic the real car’s behavior, awkwardly camouflaged by stickers that at least try (not very well) to hide aesthetic details. Well, during these tests, the new SUV caught the eye of the paparazzi and the photos obviously made their way onto the net.

The surprising novelty is that instead of the new 500X, the SUV will replace the successful FIAT car and will revive the iconic and historic brand of the house: the FIAT ONE.

The Fiat Uno was a spacious economy car that enjoyed great success with two generations, over the 80s and 90s. It was cheap but very spacious with a fairly large boot and was available in 3- and 5-door versions, millions of which were sold in Italy, but also in poorer countries such as Brazil.

The latest Fiat news is coming

Unforgettable at the time was the Uno Turbo, a powerful hot hatch that enjoyed enormous success among young people because it offered good overall performance at a low price. Unfortunately their engine was too powerful and not supported by elements such as chassis, suspension and brakes, which is why they were unfortunately also known as “four-wheeled coffin“.

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fiat uno cross suv 2024
Fiat Uno Cross 2024 –

The new model may have a lot in common with the latest Opel Mokka. Indeed, according to paparazzi images, the dimensions and proportions are very similar to German SUVs.

The new Fiat Uno Cross will be a Compact SUV starting from the PSA CMP platform and could make its debut in FIAT by the end of the year 2023. So, if this is the chosen chassis, it really seems that the new Uno won’t hit the market until 2024.

Based on the spy photos , the famous Brazilian designer Cleber Silva he created a digital rendering of the car he calls the 2024 Fiat Uno Cross, though it’s far from certain that it’s called that.

Speaking of Brazil, the Fiat market produces exclusive vehicles that are sold only in a few countries in South America, including new ones Pulse and Fastback SUVs recently launched, that according to the designers, these two models may have a lot in common.

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What kind of car will the new Fiat Cross be?

The Fiat Uno Cross will be slightly larger than the Mokka and therefore will exceed 4.2 metersbut the passenger compartment will have softer lines and a lot of technology to make young people with greater financial capacity spend more money.

fiat uno cross interior
Fiat Uno Cross 2024 –

Instead, as regards the engines, the new Fiat will initially have to adopt i Global Small Engine, engines from Stellantis, starting with a 100 or 120 HP 1.0 turbocharger. Of course there will be one too fully electric version, which will deliver a total output of 136 horsepower from a 50 kWh battery. This, combined with the weight of the vehicle, will guarantee aautonomy of more than 300 km.

Remember though, that all of this seems to be just rumors for now. We are still waiting for more news about the new FIAT SUV.

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