Parifex, the new Autovelox is making a massacre of fines: lethal like few others

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The new speed camera, the Parifex Nano is extremely dangerous, because it not only detects the speed of cars, but also all the other infringements committed by users around the road.

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The device is very powerful, nothing escapes him; it is equipped with a sensor that rotates on itself and therefore manages to reconstruct the environment around it, just like a sophisticated radar works.

The Parifex nano is a latest generation laser that works in any condition, both day and night, managing to make the difference between a pedestrian and a cyclist, as well as obviously from between one vehicle and another, even in conditions of poor visibility.

Speed ​​cameras in France, this is how the new Parifex works

The speed camera is currently only present in France, but in the coming months it could arrive throughout Europe, even in Italy where motorists could start to experience quite a few problems.

The technology that allows it to detect speed and map the environment is the 3D LIDAR, it has a fantastic range of 100 meters, with a 360 degree view, it works through the 3D laser beam.

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The device detects the speed of vehicles that travel up to a maximum of 250 km per hour, then it recognizes the correct or incorrect maintenance of the safety distance between one vehicle and another, the driving of any vehicle against the traffic and the crossing of the continuous line.

Then the sensor manages to intercept the crossing of the stop and much more. But that’s not enough, because apparently in the coming weeks it will be perfected, so through its use it will be possible to detect any other type of infringement and fine those who do not comply with the rules.

How it can be used in France and when it could arrive in Italy

In France, at least for now it has been integrated in double-sided radars, subsequently it could even be integrated into urban radars, even if it is thought that in an initial period it could only be tested in some French cities and not in all, exclusively to detect traffic light crossings.

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They will probably be using it even law enforcement as a mobile speed camerain order not to give French motorists the possibility of evading checks and fines all those who engage in incorrect and dangerous behavior both for themselves and for others.

Italian motorists are starting to tremble, the adoption of Parifex could change the cards on the table, making circulation much safer than now.