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Normal use of the car causes it to get dirty. And this applies both to the rooms and to the bodywork and all the other external parts. When you are driving the car it is, of course, advisable to accelerate or brake as needed. Every time you press the brake pedal something absolutely normal happens, but capable of dirtying some external parts of the car. What are we referring to? Let’s find out how a natural product, such as sunflower oil, can be of great help to you.

Sunflower oil
Sunflower oil –

When we buy a car from a dealership, it shines both inside and out. In fact, a new car gives off a pleasant smell and is absolutely “brilliant” in every aspect. Once it enters the street, however, it is normal that it slowly tends to get dirty.

The passage of time and the constant use of the car will ensure that it is no longer as bright and clean as it was at the beginning. And this, it should be reiterated, is valid for all things and for every object of our daily life. Nevertheless, it is very important to take care of the car in every aspect, including that concerning cleaning of the various elements.

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A machine that is always clean – both externally and internally – is essential from an aesthetic point of view and beyond. For example, a hygienic internal environment will always guarantee you comfort and more breathable air than a dusty, dirty and humid car.

In this article, however, we will focus on the cleaning a particular aspect of your car. We are referring to the brakes. Or rather, we’ll look at brake dust that is generated by the normal use of these elements. It settles on the rims and tyres, making them dirty and unattractive.

And to best clean these parts, here comes a natural product such as sunflower oil to help you. Let’s find out all the details on this topic and how to use this natural ingredient to eliminate brake dust.

Use sunflower oil constantly on the brakes: what will happen will give you a lot of joy

The dust that often settles on the wheels of a car is commonly referred to as brake dust. It is very difficult to get rid of, even during regular DIY cleaning at the car wash. In fact, soap and water – in some cases – may not be enough. Eliminating brake dust will guarantee you an aesthetic improvement of tires and rims. Let’s see why use sunflower oil. Here are the details.

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Brake dust
Brake dust: here’s how best to eliminate it with sunflower seed oil – Motori.News

Let’s start by saying how the formation of brake dust is absolutely normal. Indeed, every time you tend to brake, this dust is generated. Brake dust is composed of metallic and ferrous material and is generated by the grinding of the brake disc. You are, however, absolutely calm. If you notice brake dust on the wheels there is no fault with this part of your car.

However, if you want to eliminate dirt, know that there is a solution that is as practical as it is economical and truly effective. And as we mentioned above, the natural product that will be the star of this operation is sunflower oil.

By applying a normal degreaser combined with sunflower oil on the dirty part, the situation will be significantly improved. After having sprayed the solution well on the affected area, it will be advisable to wait a few minutes before proceeding with cleaning with a normal cloth.

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Especially in the presence of a lot of dirt, it will be advisable to repeat this operation several times. Sunflower seed oil will guarantee you appreciable results and will prevent brake dust from forming again in the short term.