Put a teaspoon on the interior of the car: never had it so shiny

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Not many people are aware of the enormous possibilities that some products normally used in the kitchen offer. In fact, very often there are innovative, cheap and reliable solutions to improve certain aspects of your car. Always having a clean car – both internally and externally – is very important. And this is not only for a purely aesthetic question. What happens if you smear ordinary mayonnaise on specific areas of your car? Here is the absurd revelation.

Mayonnaise on the insides
Mayonnaise on the interior -Motori.news

We spend many moments of our daily life in the car. Despite the expensive fuel, for many people it is not possible to do without using their own car for daily trips. In several areas, in fact, the use of public transport is not as practical as in large cities. Moving by car to go to work or to go shopping, therefore, remains the most practical and comfortable solution.

But for optimal use of your car it is not only essential that all the technical components are in perfect working order. Indeed, a very important game is in reference to internal cleaning. Driving a car with dirty seats or carpets, in addition to being aesthetically unappealing, can also become risky for our health.

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In fact, the dirt and dust accumulated in the car can make us breathe unhealthy air. Unpleasant room odors and dirt must always be removed on a regular basis. In fact, traveling in cars that do not guarantee profound levels of hygiene is never recommended.

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to a car wash often, you should know that many DIY solutions can be cheap and reliable. To improve the cleanliness of the interior of your car, an ingredient widely used in the kitchen can be of great help. We are referring to the common mayonnaise. Let’s find out all the details on how and where to use this product for the hygiene of your car.

Use common mayonnaise on certain areas of your car – that’s what an amazing thing will happen

On the face of it, what we have just said may seem very strange. Nevertheless, many ingredients that we find in the kitchen and many other natural products can really be a valid solution to always have a clean car. But how can mayonnaise help you? Here are all the details on this topic. We are sure you will be truly surprised.

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Car interior cleaning
Are you looking for an optimal solution to clean car interiors? This is how mayonnaise can come to your rescue – Motori.News

Car interiors can get dirty frequently. The causes can be different. In fact, especially in the winter months it is very difficult to keep a car always clean and tidy. In fact, the rain makes our clothes wet and, consequently, it is impossible not to moisten the carpets, seats and many other internal parts.

A dirty, dusty or wet car risks becoming a real receptacle for germs and bacteria. To improve the internal hygiene of the various parts of our car, there are various natural remedies, such as detergents with natural oil, water, baking soda and much more. But in this article we offer you a solution that – we are sure – you had not yet thought of. And it has as its protagonist the normal mayonnaise.

If you notice a part stained with grease or simply very dirty, you can apply a drop of this ingredient on it. Once this move has been made, all you have to do is leave the ingredient to act for about 30 minutes. You will then have to remove the residue with a clean microfibre cloth. You will see that this ingredient has worked well and the stain will no longer be present.

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But mayonnaise can also be useful if there is stubborn dirt on the car body. For example, in fact, it will be reliable in eliminating the tree resin on it. The procedure is the same as described above. We are sure that after reading this, you will soon try this ingredient to remove stains and dirt from your car.